Android SMS and MMS Mood Messenger v1.85f Paid Premium

Mood Messenger is a SMS MMS app on Android。Now Love Green Soft brings Android SMS and MMS Mood Messenger Paid Premium has been updated to v1.85f

Mood Messenger是一个简单流畅且高效的短信应用您可以自定义几乎一切东西您也可以使用令人吃惊的功能如输入指示符

Application instructions:

评价最高的默认Android短信和amp;Alternatives to MMS applications
100%无广告 – 简单流畅且高效
If you're frustrated with your default Android text app,您必须要试试Mood Messenger

完全自定义 (每个联系人如果您需要):
– Background & 超过100种主题
气泡形状& Color
-通知(LED, Voice,Vibration,Format)
-Font& Text size
动画表情符号-操作系统Android或表情符号,Emoji in one format

-Pin important conversations to the top of the list
– Animated GIF Graphics Library
-Delay edgy to avoid errors

因此如果您需要一个无故障用户友好的短信&amp and MMS apps with dozens of amazing features,不要再找了试试Mood吧

Mood 通信应用程序与绝大部分品牌的手机兼容如三星、Huawei、永光索尼和HTC等


Update the log:

Floating notification and quick reply are back !
If you have a custom notification ringtone, please make sure your have theSafe playunchecked !


Version description:(@Dogadaevznet)

Advanced features to unlock


Download address:



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