Tree Hole OCR v1.2.0 Open Source Cross-Platform Edition

Tree Hole OCR is an OCR recognition tool on Windows platform。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the tree hole OCR open source version has been updated to v1.2.0

Tree Hole OCR is a cross-platform OCR tool。

Application instructions:

Launch screenshot
Method one:Click the screenshot button in the main screen of the program;
Method 2:Click screenshot shortcut F4。
Circled area
After entering the screenshot interface,Press the left mouse button,Then drag to circle the area you want to intercept; After the round,You can fine-tune the circled area:

Use the arrow keys,You can fine-tune the right and upper boundaries of the selected area;
Use the Shift-Plus arrow key,You can fine-tune the left and lower boundaries of the selected area;
Use Ctrl-A,You can select the entire screen。

Determine the lap selection
After the circle selection is complete,Click on Enter or Space,Or double-click the left mouse to confirm the ring selection;After confirming the lap selection,OCR text recognition of selected areas is automatically。


Update the log:

  • The installation catalog can be customized at installation
  • Multi-screen mode support
  • Add Baidu Recognition API
  • Package a new version of JRE,Fixing unable to open BUG properly
  • Supports text recognition of local pictures


Version description:

xxx-with-jre.xx is full version,With operating environment;If Lite doesn't work,Please download the full version of the use;
Text recognition uses identification interfaces developed by each cloud platform,Therefore, networking is required for proper use;
This program was developed using JavaFX,Be sure to install the Java8 runtime before use (full version does not require Java8 installation)。


Download address: Extract code:z8ly


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