WeChat PC version wechat for PC v2.9.5.41 anti-withdrawal green version

WeChat PC is a chat software on windows platform。Wechat,It's a way of life.,Apps used by more than one billion people。Support for sending voice text messages、Video、Pictures and text,Can group chat,Only a small amount of traffic,Suitable for most smartphones as well as PCs。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Wechat,More than 1 billion people use it,Ability to send text messages to friends over the network、Emojis and pictures,You can also transfer files,Video chat with friends,Make your communication easier。And offers multiple language interfaces。

Support for QQ mailbox plug-ins
Supports continuous unread speech auto-text transfer
Supports viewing the actual size of the picture
Optimize the file directory,Improve performance


Update the log:

1.Small pc-adapted program sits window size
2.New Program Panel Discovery Page
3.Public number sharing card optimization


Version description:

About Patches

Hard-core modification Dll implementation (non-Hook function or hijacker),No no seal risk)
Lift The WeChat client open limit,Unlimited open and multiple accounts can log in normally;
Message anti-withdrawal,That is, it is still visible after the message is withdrawn,There is a prompt for the other party to withdraw the message;

Warm reminder:Do not use any personally written aids or hijackers
Because WeChat involves paying more sensitive,Easy to be officially detected the risk of false positives hanging and sealing the number!


How can I set up an upgrade that does not allow WeChat's official version of automatic detection to be upgraded?
Settings- Universal ->Automatic upgrade of WeChat when there is an update ->Cancel
Or modify WeChatWin.dll.,Hex modification tool searches for character improve.xml fill 0


Description of patch usage:

Copy patches to WeChat root,Run again.。


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Official Download:




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