Android QQ v6.5.3 Official and Classic

Android QQ mobile version has now been updated to v6.5.3 official version! The detailed version number is v6.5.3.2855.,New version adds a new, funplayed short video.,Naughty pendant.,Turn over your friends.;Also, add text and stickers when you send pictures.; There are other updates such as the new profile card photo wall.。

Android QQ v6.5.3 正式版以及经典版

Android QQ6.0.,A new look.,The UI interface is designed to be completely new.,With QQ's iconic main body blues more clear.。Money is strong.,Audio and video enhancements.,Multiplayer video is implemented.,You can switch to video mode at any time when you're chatting with audio.;Voice messages support fun changes.,Funny selling fun turned the air! Support QQ transfer.,New play "Hot Chat."、Burst light heart mode.;Support for favorite editing.,Support and group partners voice video, etc.

What's the update to mobile QQ6.5.3?

– New short video.,Naughty pendant.,Turn over your friends.
– Add text and stickers when you send a picture.,Don't accept the picture.
– Contact list can be set directly to "Special Concern" and "Common Group Chat"
– New data card photo wall.,The refreshing interface wins double attention.
– Compressed files sent and received within the group support online previews.,It's easier to view files.
– Videos and pictures can be saved in the same space as the album.,There are many ways to keep the highlights.
– Increase the maximum number of multiplayer chats (discussion groups) to 100, inviting more friends to chat together.

Android QQ v6.5.3 正式版以及经典版

Android QQ official version and all historical versions download address.: Access code 2434. Access code lhm8.

v6.5.3.2855 Official local download. ,32.22M. 2016.08.08 The latest official version.

v5.9.5.2575 Last 5.x.,v5.0.0.2215 Last 5.0.;v4.7.2.2185 Last 4.x.

v4.0.2.1550 Last QQ2013 Classic Edition.,Traditional display icons distinguish friends online!

Mobile QQ prohibits older versions of the tip upgrade method.:

Lucky Special on -> Press and press QQ option -> Choose:Remove Google ads -> Then choose.:Prohibited advertising campaigns - v.
Found it.:com.teacent.mobileqq.activity.upgradeactivity item.,Clicking turns red.,The upgrade is complete.。
Then exit to unload the lucky special.。Attention:Lucky Specials require stousther phone with ROOT permissionand and BusyBox support!

Android QQ Classic.,None of them are upgraded!

QQ each custom series.,QQ Light Chat Version Custom Edition.、Optimised version.、QQ Japan!

Android QQ v5.5.1 Red Meter 2A. / v5.9.7.2610 Google Store. Access code xdie. Access code 3ac0.

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