Full-featured classic screenshot software Picpick V5.1.1 Chinese Simplified Green Portable

Picpick is a full-featured classic screenshot software on the Windows platform。PicPick is a classic, full-featured free screenshot tool.,It has a full screen of intercepting.、The active window.、The specified area、Fixed area、Hand-drawn area function,Scroll screenshots are supported,The screen is colored,Palette,Magnifying glass,Dual monitors are supported,Has a whiteboard、Screen ruler、Right angle coordinates or pole coordinates display and measurement,Powerful image editing and annotation capabilities。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

An all-round design tool,And this tool is for everyone
A full-featured screenshot tool,Intuitive image editor,Color picker,Color palette,Pixel ruler,Protractor,Aiming lines and whiteboards and more。


Take any screenshots
Take a screenshot、Screenshot of the active window、Screenshots of desktop scrolling windows and screenshots of any particular area, etc。

Edit your picture
Annotate and mark your picture:You can use text in the built-in image editor、Arrow.、Shapes and more features,And the editor also comes with the latest Ribbon style menus。

Enhance the effect
Add a variety of effects to your images:Shadow、Framework.、Watermarking、Mosaic、Motion blur and brightness control and more。

Graphic design accessories
Various graphic design accessories include a color picker、Color palette、Pixel ruler、Protractor、Aim line、Magnifier and whiteboard。

Custom settings.
The software comes with a variety of advanced settings,You can customize the shortcuts、File naming、Picture quality and many other features。

Share anywhere
Over the network、Mail、Ftp、Dropbox、Google Drive、SkyDrive、Box、Evernote.、Facebook、Twitter and many more ways to save、Share or send your photos。


Update the log:


v5.1.1 (2020-06-10)
Fix an issue on multi monitor environment.
Fix the update window is not closed on program start


Version description:

Unlock Pro,Change the default Chinese Simplified,Off detect updates


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Genuine specials.:(A small partner with the ability can support a wave)





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