Mathlab Graph Calculator v4.9.130 Special Edition

Graphing Mathlab.,Graphable calculator.,Android platform powerful scientific calculator! Mathlab's Graph Calculator is a very scientific integrated algegetoric graphing calculator,Have graphics、Form、Constant.、Functions are powerful,It's primary and secondary school、High school.、A computing tool essential for graduate students and anyone with complex computing needs。It has two major advantages:First of all,It's not just a fine scientific calculator,And more importantly,It displays the calculation steps during your input,Allows students to watch and learn how to come up with the final answer。Second.,Its graphical display capability is extraordinary! It's not just the calculator that shows the picture beautifully,It also automatically displays the values that generate x and y。

Mathlab图形计算器v4.9.130 特别版本

Scientific Calculator
* Arithmetic expression +, – ,*,/,÷
* The square root,Cube and multiple square roots (keep '√' keys)
* Index.,The number of points (ln,log)
* Triangular function sin π/2,cos 30 degrees,...
* A bi-curve function:Sinusoidal.,Cosine,Tangent,... (Press the "e" key to switch)
* Anti-function (press direct function key)
* Plural,Plute is supported for all features
* The conductor sin x' is cos x,... (Press the x^n key)
* Scientific notation (enabled in menus)
* Percentage mode
* Save/load history

Graphable calculator.
* Multi-functional drawing
* The second degree of the hidden function (elliptic 2x^2^3y^2=1.",Wait a minute)
* Polarity map (r-cos2)
* The argument function,Enter a new line (x-cos t,y-sin t)
* Chart of function roots and intersections,Please click on the legend on and off (top left corner),Use the menu to appear as a list
* Figure intersection (x^2=x=1)
* Track function values and slopes
* Scroll and zoom the chart
* Pinch to enlarge
* Landscape full-screen
* The function table
* Save as an image graphic
* The table is saved as cSV

Score calculator.
* Simple and complex scores 1/2 plus 1/3 plus 5/6
* When you mix numbers,Use spaces to enter values 3 1/2

Algegetoral calculator
* Linear equation x1 s 2 -> x-1
* The secondary equation is x^2-1 0 -> x-1, 1
* A higher polynoty approximates the root
* System linear equations,Write an equation on each line,x1 plus x2 plus 1,x1-x2=2
* Polynthic long divide
* Polynthic expand,Polynthic expand,Factorization.

Matrix calculator.
* Matrix and vector operations
* Click on the dot product (hold down),Graphics with multiple functions
* The determining line,Inverse.,Specification.,Shift.,Track the library

* User-defined constants and functions (PRO)
* Save/load the expression

New version changes:

2016-08-09 v4.9.130
Fractional part - frac(1.5) = 0.5
Gamma function and related –
gamma(Ⅹ)/Gamma.(Ⅹ), lngamma(Ⅹ)/ln(Ⅹ), digamma(Ⅹ)/ψ(Ⅹ)
Limits, hold x-key to enter
Derivative Partials
Statistics functions, hold n! key to enter.
A[1 2 3 4 5]
B. .[2 3 4 5 6]
sum(A) = 15
Avg.(A) = 3
median(A) = 3
Var.(A) = 2.5
varp(A) = 2
stdev(A) s 1.58...
stdevp(A) s 1.41...
cov(A,B) = 2.5
corr(A,B) = 1
More workspaces, workspace settings. Enable in Settings - General. [PRO PRO]

About Special Edition:

by amjadazzouqa

Graphing Calculator Mathlab PRO v4.9.130 Proper

- The free version will require a connection to the network,The interface contains ads! This edition has been specially for the Professional edition!
Professional version no ads no network! 3D graphics are supported、Save constants are supported、Functions and expressions;

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