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Greenshot is a small screenshot software,It can provide you with the ability to take screenshots as you please.。Can you set up a direct save or a screenshot after editing。The screenshot editing feature is also a strength of the software,Where the highlight feature highlights part of the image,The remainder is displayed using a translucent effect。So Greenshot is also very professional.。


Greenshot Green Edition Unstable Release。


The volume of Greenshot is 544KB,Very small.,Officially, the installation version is available.,But it's actually a green software.,Because copying the installation directory anywhere can be used immediately。


By default,The installation package already has a built-in Chinese language,The first run will give you a choice。


When used,This screenshot software will be minimized in the system tray,Press the "Prscrm SYSRQ" (System Print Screen) button on the keyboard to intercept any area。Certainly,This software is a very rich way to screenshot,You can see it in the system tray right-click menu。


If you don't like screenshots, skip directly to the editing interface,Then you can change the "Quick settings" in the right-click menu。You can even save it directly.,So you don't get muddy.,The steps are minimal.。


Greenshot绿色版 Unstable_截图软件


Greenshot's editor is very distinctive.,Software No1 think it should be introduced in detail:


1、Add boxes and ellipses。You can set whether these added graphics have borders,What is the color of the fill?,You can also change the degree of transparency.。So it doesn't completely cover the background.,To be a brilliant highlight.。The thickness of the border can also be adjusted,Default is 1px。


2、Draw lines and arrows。Arrows can have both ends.,Or just one end.。


3、Add text。The text area can also adjust the background color。


4、Highlight。This feature has a total of four modes。Highlight text (highlight selected areas with color)、Highlight area (blur all areas not selected)、Grayscale (black and white for selected areas) and magnification (large placed selected area)。


5、If you want to play mosaic on some of the pictures,,You can use the Blur feature。
Of the above 5 features,1And 3 are very rare in other similar software.。And if you use it skillfully,,Then it'll add a lot of color to your screenshot.。


Or you really like the picture editor that comes with this software.,So "load pictures from files" This right-click menu,You can use it to edit any image.。



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