Universal video editor/converter Freemake Video Converter v4.1.10.296 Green Portable Edition

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Freemake Video Converter is a video converter on windows platform,Now Love Green Soft brings all-round video editing/converter Freemake Video Converter Green Portable Edition has been updated tov4.1.10.296

Freemake Videos Converter is a completely free video converter,It supports video formats in 200,There are also many post-conversion format selectivity,In addition to this, it also features a very easy to operate video clip,And it's extremely easy to adjust the video aspect ratio.,Can be very intuitive to adjust to full screen。And it can also be used to convert music formats.。

Application Instructions:

Input formats supported by Freemake Video Converter: Avi, MP4, MKV, Wmv, Mpg, 3Gp, 3G2, Swf, FLV, TOD, AVCHD, MOV, Dv, Rm, Qt, Ts, MTS, etc.. Music formats (MP3, Aac, Wma, Wav),Photo (Jpg, Bmp, Png,Gif) 。Output formats:Avi, Wmv, MP4, MPEG, MKV, FLV, Swf, 3Gp,MP3, etc.。
In the output format,In addition to these,And for Android.、Ipod、Iphone、Ipad、Psp、Video preset parameters for PS3 mobile devices,So if you don't know much about video conversion,,You can select these directly。If you add more than two video files at a time,Then you can also set whether to merge these into a single file after the conversion。

Video editing features:In this inside.,You can video cutting features,This allows you to convert only selected parts of the fragment。If the original video has a picture reversal energy problem,Then you can fix it in this interface.。Modify conversion Preset Parameters:The interface that appears when you click "Convert to XXX format",There will be an edit preset button,In this it is possible to adjust the converted video to full screen in a very intuitive way,And it doesn't cause the picture to deform.,Very recommended set to "Zoom/crop"。But,If the original video already has a black edge,,Then the cutting settings for these images may not be perfect.。There's going to be black edges.,But if the subtitles are in the black side,,It's going to keep the subtitles intact.。After the test converts a 6-minute video,No audio and video unsynchronized issues were found。So the quality of the conversion is satisfactory.。


Update log:

Not yet


Release description:(@Rjno1)

1、The original program was not modified,Keep it safe.、Stability、Authentic。
2、Automatic detection of whether the system environment meets the Freemake Video Converter green version,If not satisfied, you are automatically prompted to install the corresponding runtime。
3、Compatible with the installation version,Support for 2 switching。
4、Windows 7 under test pass。
1、Freemake Video Converter Green jumps out of the window where the new version is installed each time it runs,This window is closed,Do not click the "update" button.
2、Freemake Video Converter Green Launches Slowly,Please be patient until the interface jumps out。


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