Non-linear video editing tool MAGIX Vegas Pro v17.0.387 Perfect Chinese Special Edition

MAGIX Vegas Pro is a non-linear video editing software on the windows platform.。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the non-linear video editing tool MAGIX Vegas Pro perfect Chinese special edition has been updated.v17.0.387.

MAGIX Vegas Pro is a very powerful video and audio production software,Its main function is video editing.,Like what:Add subtitles.、Rotate the video.、Import the export video.、Import export videos, and so on.,Advanced hover cancellation technology is also available.、High-resolution audio footage up to 4K and support for 4K UHD HD and RED camera.,Make your video editing more powerful.。In this new version of MAGIX Vegas Pro.,Bring a lot of new features to our users.,Like what:Picture-in-picture plug-in.、Screen building plug-in.、One click to set the screen.,Multithreaded audio engines are also supported.,Updated hardware acceleration encoding/decoding.,MAGIX Vegas Pro lets video editing.、Audio processing is even more powerful.,Even novices are very easy to get started.,Good operation - love green soft.

Description of the app:

Cutting-edge video production.
More creative.。
Infinite possibilities。
VEGAS Series Creative Software is fast for you.,Everything you need for professional and efficient video production.,Bring new creative freedom to your editing and post-production.。 VEGAS provides excellent results.,Let everyone. – From everyday enthusiasts to busy professionals. – Can focus on creativity without limits.。

Fastest NLE.。
For passionate ideas.。
Edit at lightning speed with VEGAS Pro.。 With its famously flexible user interface and countless time-saving tools.,VEGAS Pro does not require speed editing.。 With nested timelines.,Industry-leading HDR support (HDR10 and HLG),Plane motion tracking.,World-class video stability and interactive storyboards.,VEGAS Pro 17 will add momentum to your video production.。

All about the VEGAS Pro 17 product line.
VEGAS Pro. 17 Edit gives you all the tools to unleash your creativity.。 If you desire more.,VEGAS Pro 17 offers professional disc production and lens glare.,VEGAS Pro Suite, on the other hand, offers a unique special effects package.,Add fun to your project.。 VEGAS Pro 365 is a low-cost subscription program.,Easy access to the VEGAS Pro world.。

VEGAS Film Studios.
Powerful,Easy to use。
An easy-to-use but powerful feature set at your fingertips. – That's what VEGAS Movie Studio stands for.。 Automatically generate the video in five simple steps.,Or use many of the same tools as VEGAS Pro.,Such as video stability.,Action tracking and B?zier mask.,Make exquisite home movies and great social media videos.。


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Version description:

Perfect special.,Don't play the piracy window.


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Ps:Note Run the installation package with administrator privileges,Otherwise, it is possible that the interface that is not Chinese will be opened after the installation is complete.

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