Mac video editing software Adobe Premiere Pro CC For Mac 2019 v13.1 Plain

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is an adobe video editing software on the MacOS platform。Now Love Green Soft brings Mac video editing software Adobe Premiere Pro CC For Mac 2019 live version has been updated v13.1

Adobe Premiere is a video editing software from Adobe,It is also one of the world's top video editing software。It provides a complete solution for high-quality video。It helps you turn original material into flawless work。Whether you're a beginner or not,,Or an experienced professional.,Can be edited、Adjusting colors、Optimize audio, etc.。

Application instructions:

Video editing to help you out。
Premiere Pro CC is for movies、Leading video editing software for TV and the web。A variety of creative tools,Tight integration with other Adobe applications and services,and the power of Adobe Sensei,Helps you turn your footage into beautiful movies and videos with a smooth workflow。

Smart Tools。Tell a more compelling story。
Hollywood filmmakers、TV Editor、Videographers are using Premiere Pro - everyone tells their story,You are no exception。

Let the creative flow endlessly。
Premiere Pro is an industry pioneer,From fast-growing TV series to feature films can be edited。Integrated, efficient workflow allows you to retouch your work without leaving the timeline。Automation tools powered by Adobe Sensei speed up time-consuming tasks,Lets you focus on telling your story。

Any camera。Any format。Any platform。
From 8K to Virtual Reality,Edit footage in any new format。Extensive native file support and simple proxy workflow,Make it easy to process media,Even with a mobile workstation。Deliver content optimized for any screen or platform faster than ever before。

Everything you need。Get at your fingertips when you need it。
Premiere Pro Provides Color、Audio and graphics tools,Can also be used smoothly with other applications and services,These include After Effects and Audition。Open a dynamic graphics template with After Effects without leaving this application, Download dynamic graphics templates and customize them。Premiere Pro also integrates with hundreds of partner technologies。

Simple、Accurate color grading
Take advantage of the innovative Lumetri Color tool,No more groping when making curve adjustments。The two axes of each curve provide a pair of values,Easy to、Accurately select color grading。

Instantly improve audio
New sliders available in the Essential Sound panel to lower or remove background noise and reverb,Incredible results。

Infographics for Dynamic Graphics Templates
Drag and drop a spreadsheet into a new infographic dynamic graphics template,Quickly generate visual data。If you make any updates to the spreadsheet,Infographics are also automatically updated。

End-to-end VR 180
VR support 180,Includes optimized collection and effects,Get yourself fully engaged in the world of immersive video。Post your video on his platform in Google VR180 format。


Update the log:

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Version description:

2019 v13.1
Click on the install installation package in the Adobe_Premiere_Pro_CC_2019_v13.1 folder to install
After the installation is complete,Open Adobe Zii or download from this site in the installation packageAdobe Zii
Click on "PATCH OR DRAG",Tip "COMPLETED",That means the crack is complete
Restart Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 Can


Download address:



If the software version has a higher version this site is not updated ,Please leave a message under this article,Reminder updates.。Software not included in this siteClick On My Submission

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