Sword PE one-click production v20190101 official version

Single sword PE one-click production is a PE production software。Now love green soft for everyone to bring a one-click PE one-click production official version has been updated to v20190101 。

Single sword PE maintenance dedicated - simple and practical、It's all-in-one,Earn trust! Sword PE and tools are derived from worry-free start-up forum,No OEMs or personal information,Do not modify the home page、Don't write junk files、No ads、No buckles、No traps!


Description of the app:

PE and production procedures adhere to the philosophy,Make sure the green is clean and free of dark buckles,Never change the home page to install the software indiscriminately。

Produced under the win10 system, Made with the king's au3 main program,Be sure to insert the USB stick first,Then start this program to make,to prevent production from failing;
When the program starts, the USB stick PE area character is removed,Be sure to see if the visible USB stick partition is a data area before making it,Click again to start production,To avoid injury to the U disk data area by mistake;

Make a mating system:Winxp 7 8 8.1 10System;Recommended under win7;10Under the silent au3 main program without loss production,Be sure to delete the disc assignment for the efi area first;10No new to the system recommends cmd scripts and the king's main program for non-destructive production。
Replace the double 8PE with the double 10PE,Originally supported SSDs! 10PE uses the network purity version of Libang computer,Although the number of heads has increased a lot,The function is just right。
Make the main program to provide cmd scripts,Silently unscathed UD three partition production,as well as the king's improved production master program,Compatibility just,Perfect support bios / efix64 double open!
To have extreme compatibility with efi,Please make it in a three-partition compatibility mode。

Ways to improve efi compatibility:Make the efi zone in ultraiso compatible mode;or unscathed after the production,
Use the partition assistant to delete the efi area,After adjusting the size of the efi area appropriately,New key fat16 partition;The PE data is finally written in upgrade mode;Or adjust the efi area appropriately with DiskGenius 5.0,And use bring your own binstool to fix the UD main boot。


Update the log:


Release the King Master Program Update Package to 0105 Fix:Increase the customization of how configuration scripts are made,Fix bugs。The PE package has been downloaded,Just update the release and configuration script yourself。


Instructions for use:


Download the address:

City pass:http://dl.2956588.xyz/dir/884953-32273110-722a93/

Baidu:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1cIwXA6G–66S9S3vy-wRJQ Extract code: udnj


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