Android Baidu paste bar APP v10.1.8.1 go to the ad version

Baidu Paste App is a social app on android.,Now love green soft for everyone to bring Android Baidu paste bar APP to ads version has been updated.v10.1.8.1.

Baidu Paste Bar is an online forum run by Baidu Inc.,Baidu paste bar APP is the application of the mobile terminal paste bar,The mission of the paste bar is to bring together like-minded people.。Whether it's a popular topic or a minority topic.,Can accurately gather a large number of good netizens.。

Description of the app:

Paste it that is Baidu paste bar.,Baidu's independent brand.,The world's largest Chinese community.。The idea for the bar came from Robin Li, Baidu's chief executive.:Combine search engines to establish an online communication platform.

Baidu paste bar to search keywords as the name of the paste bar.。Baidu search increased the number of paste bars.。


Update the log:

Not yet


Version description:(ssau)

The push function of Xiaomi and Meizu should be retained.;
Remove all ads that members can remove.;
The open-screen ad was removed.、Some of the top ads inside the bar.、Sign-in has ads and other ads that members also have.;
Streamlined live-streaming wallets and other strange features.,Improve steam.;
The thin-optimized part of the bar's in-bar UI and bottom bar UI.;
Some rogue components are removed.,Remove the update.;
Fixed video features and bugs.;
Quite a few services have been removed.、Permissions、Activities,White do not use the application controller / write wheel eye / ifw and other related software to disable.;The person who will be able to disable it at his discretion.;


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