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ApkEditor is an editable/special APK app on Android。Now love green soft for everyone to bring ApkEditor paid professional Chinese edition has been updated tov1.10.0.121

ApkEditor makes it easy to decompile any APK installation package,Replace any text and pictures on the app interface,And through code-level modifications,To realize Hanhua、Special、Enhanced features,You can even add custom code and features to any interface。The software also provides multi-channel packaging tools,No source code required,Multi-channel packaging directly with The APK installation package。

Description of the app:

Any decompiling Android app
Free customization of any unreinforced APK installation package,Application icons and application names can be modified、Replace the interface with any text and pictures above、Translation or Chinese production of multilingual versions,More support through advanced SMALI codes,Implement a special application software。

Provides a large number of the latest and most complete applications as custom templates,Reverse engineering can be done after downloaddirected、Special、Modify、View source code、View operations such as installation package information (some applications are hardened due to,Cannot reverse engineer for the time being)。

Use the packaged APK installation package as a template,After decompiling,Dynamically modify profiles or channel flags in SMALI code for bulk repackaging,Because it is not a source code level package,So it greatly improves the speed and efficiency of bulk packaging.。

For adult cinemas、Adult games, etc.,Often there will be mobile phone security software and mobile phone butler software reported poisoning situations,The package name and the application name can be repackaged at random with this function at a time,Coupled with web downloader,Users can download to the latest installation packages in real time,Avoiding drug reporting and other conditions。

Decompiled APK installation package,Then get the source code by reflecting the shot.。Decompiling the JAVA code is suitable for analysis of the source code,View the internal logic of your app,Non-decompiling,Decompiling works can only be modified on the basis of SMALI code。

The software also offers a lot of gadgets,Used to view installation package information,and can be connected to a computer on the phone,View mobile phone information、Real-time logs、Install and manage apps for your phone、Manage your phone's files and more,And can be customized to modify the phone already installed applications。


Update the log:

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Version description:

1、Unlock Pro


Download the address:

City pass:http://dl.2956588.xyz/dir/884953-32679685-efc30e/


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