Android Cloud Cast v1.3 No Login Special

Cloud Sein Mobile Is an Android Seed Resource Search Player.、House male old driver must have a sharp weapon! Have online resources.、Seed search、Resolve the magnetic function,Supports online search and playback of seeds and multiple cloudcasting interfaces。This software has now been limited by the special membership function of netizens,You know it!

Android 吖吖云播v1.3 免登陆特别版本

New version changes:

2016.08.15 v1.3
1、Resolve interface replacement
2、Almost all the movies on the market can be parsed

About Special Edition:

By lpdswing

Especially for landing-free,The number of times you can play is limited,Unlimited viewing!

Android Cloudcast v1.3 Landing-Free Special Edition Access code 52bd

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