System Cleanup Optimization Tool CCleaner v5.63.7540 Pure and Enhanced

CCleaner is Piriform's system garbage removal tool for a product.。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the system clean-up optimization tool CCleaner Pure Edition and Enhanced Edition has been updated.v5.63.7540.

CCleaner is a free system clean-up optimization and privacy protection tool.。CCleaner is small in size.、It runs very fast.,Powerful custom cleanup rule extension capabilities.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

CCleaner Business Edition is a free system optimization and privacy protection tool.。CCleaner Business Edition is primarily used to remove junk files that are no longer used by Windows systems.,to free up more hard drive space.。Another big feature of it is to erase users' online records.。CCleanerBT is small.,It runs very fast.,You can have folders.、History.、Recycling bins, etc. for garbage removal.,And you can scan the registry for junk keys.、Clean。Comes with software uninstall.。 IE is also supported.、Firefox。Free to use,Does not contain any spyware and junk programs.。Support s26 Chinese interface, including Chinese Simplified!

CCleaner Business Edition's main features.:
The fields that appear on the application tab.,Depending on the application you have installed.。
This option includes some utilities.,For example:Compress the file manager.、Partition tools and spy program scanning software.。

If you have a different browser installed.,CCleaner displays a column for each browser.。Similar to the Cleaner - Internet Explorer.,It also has to clean up temporary files.、Cookies.、Options such as history.。
For example,If you have the Mozilla Firefox browser installed.,The Firefox/Mozilla column will be displayed.,and cookies.、Internet history.、Internet cache.、Download history.、Saved form information.、Compact Databases these options.。

This option includes a media player.、The browser is attached to the media player.。For example:Windows Media Player. 、Adobe Flash Player。

This option includes what you installed.,However, third-party software is not included in the Internet column.。Or some utility.,For example:CD/DVD burn software and word processing software.。

Set up
This column is used to change the basic settings of CCleaner.。Includes selection of languages.、Start-on or not.、Add a right-click menu.、Check for updates automatically.、The way the file is deleted and the drive that needs to erase the remaining space.。

The Internet.
This option includes browser add-ons.,For example:Flash 、Google Toolbar.、Instant messaging software.、Firewall。

The registry.
Registry integrity.,By default,The options for this column are all selected.,It is recommended that you clean up by default.。When cleaning the registry.,CCleaner alerts you to back up the registry.,to recover after a problem.,For the settings see Options - Advanced.。

This column is used to change the advanced settings of CCleaner.。Includes details that display the scan results.、The deletion rule for temporary files.、Hide warning messages.、Close the program after cleaning.、Displays a hint of a backup registry issue.、Minimize to system tray.、Save all settings to the INI file.。

This option includes some software that came with Windows systems.,They may produce a record of My Recent Documents.。For example, draw a picture.、The tablet.,However, too few junk files are generated.,So this feature was canceled in V5.0.。

Group policy.
This option cleans up the junk files generated by Windows Group Policy.,is a new feature for V5.0.

This column is used to freely choose the files you want to delete and the folders you want to empty.,CCleaner removes these contents at the same time as it cleans up.。

This column is used to freely choose cookies that need to be retained. ,CCleaner does not delete them when cleaning.。For example, you can choose to keep cookies for websites that are frequently logged in..

This column is used to freely select the folders to exclude.、Files and registry keys.。CCleaner does not delete these content when it is cleaned up.。

About Save All Settings to INI Files - This option saves CCleaner's settings information to a profile.,You can copy this profile to another computer's CCleaner installation folder.,This makes it easy to use the original configuration information.。


Update the log:

  1. v5.62.7538. (03 Oct. 2019)
  2. General
  3. – Added cleaning recent for searches in Microsoft Outlook.
  4. Feature Preview.
  5. – Some users of CCleaner will be able to preview the next of our easy clean feature.. We will fully roll out of this this in the coming weeks.
  6. Installer.
  7. – We've haven listened to your feedback and are testing stod stod to the theo sion of product fod yn ei.


Version description:(@roustar31)

Fully portable.,Official method.
Language files are integrated directly into the main program.
Go to the interface to check the update links and buttons.
Mask upgrade detection.,Block license detection.
Single-file production.:Delete CCleaner.dat.、portable.dat and branding.dll are the normal versions of a single file.
Contains 32-bit and 64-bit programs.。
Fix some official Chinese Simplified translation errors.


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