Video software Bandicam v4.5.7.1660 Portable Special Edition

Bandicam is a video recording software。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the video software Bandicam portable special edition has been updated tov4.5.7.1660

Bandicam is a video recording weapon、Game Recording God、HD Recording Specialist。Bandicam recorded video files are not only small,And the quality of the picture is quite clear.,Support H.264 Prefabricated HD。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Bandicam Video Introduction
Bandicam (Bandy Video) is industry-leading screen recording,Screen recording software for game recording
Game Recording
Bandicam video software supports all kinds of 2D/3D exciting game video recording,Video that uses it to pounce on 144 frames per second,4HD screen recording software recorded by K HD games。
Device recording
Bandicam recording software can record computer external devices,Like a webcam.,Xbox/PS Game Console,Cell phone,Network TV, etc.,Best Screen Recording Software。
Screen recording
Bandicam recording software records everything you do on the screen,Software operation,Online teaching,Courseware production,Online video,Live video, etc.,HD screen recording software。

Bandicam Features
Screen recording has these features to give you the best video
Screen area recording
Record a rectangular area you want to record。
Add a webcam
You can add a webcam to video during video recording。
Hand-painted graffiti function
You can hand-draw a focus or screenshot during the recording process。
Add my watermark
The watermark pictures you want can be added to the video,and you can choose the location of the watermark.,in case replication propagates。
Mouse-click effect
Show the mouse when recording a video and click animate。
Record microphone sound
Add your voice to your video,Record while talking。


Update the log:

4.5.6 2020/02/20
Improve the "Use Enhanced Capture Methods" feature
Improve the "Follow the Mouse" feature,Recorded video doesn't shake
Improved when moving the recording window during a little recording,The problem with the red box of the recording box
Fix the problem of the size of the recording window in recording that is not the right mouse position and graffiti position
Fix about the security of the installer
Solve other problems


Version description:

# Portable launcher built-in authorization information,Auto-block network verification authorization,Start-up is the activated licensed version!
# No trial restrictions:There is no limit to recording time,No watermark for recording videos greater than ten minutes;
# Pre-optimization default does not show startup chart,Supports saving recording files as custom locations,Delete many Chinese words;

FirewallBlock s0 (Firewall port networking,Default does not mask ports per start,Change to 1 shielding)
HostsBlock s1 (Blocking network verification authorizations,Shield ingons every time you start by default,Change to 0 don't block)
SplashScreen 1 (Start-up diagram,Shown every start by default,Change to 0 i.e. every start does not show)

Note:Portable launcher killed soft will intercept tips,Please allow the addition of hosts to avoid blocking validation failure!


The real guy looks here.:Genuine software Bandicam Bandi recording software HD game video recording tool

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