Book Flag Novellatest v5.0.20180915 google paly version

Book flag novel is a must-have free novel network for the vast number of book fans。Book flag novels in the spirit of free、No bullet window、Full text、The purpose of updating quickly,Free novels of all types of book flags for you。Read the novel to the book flag novel network! Nice reader.,Collection Online Reading、Read locally、Bag download、Automatic bookmarking、Smart Search、Read settings and many other user-friendly functions,Support for local reading of various format files, including EPUB/TXT/UMD。


Description of the app:

Book Flag Novel Reader,Readers' favorite novel readers
★★★★★★ advantages★★★★★★
1.Massive library resources
Mysterious true urban love youth campus spirit

There's country love here.,Men and women,Haumen Palace Fight,There's also a true chain gas.,Overweening
2。Short Stories
Terror,Spirit,Danyme BL,Poetry Tasting

★★★★★★ our features★★★★★★
1.Exquisite,Comfortable reading experience
2.Support for traditional/simple switching
3.Multiple page-turning methods
4。Support for night and day modes
5.Cache offline novels


Update the log:

1.Optimized fiction caching,The cache is more stable,Faster
2.Optimized voice reading,Read smarter and more stable
3.Optimized in-site search capabilities,Faster retrieval,The results are more complete
4.Redesigned leaderboards,Multi-dimensional ranking data is more intuitive,It's easier to do
5.Optimize the accuracy of network monitoring,Smarter network switching


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Baidu: Extract code: kk7w

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