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Bandicam is a video recording weapon、Game Recording God、HD Recording Specialist。Bandicam recorded video files are not only small,And the quality of the picture is quite clear.,Support H.264 Prefabricated HD。Love Green Soft

现由爱绿软和APSGO软购商城联合推出Bandicam 班迪 录屏软件团购活动Bandicam 班迪 录屏软件永久授权仅需239元

Bandicam Green Portable Special Edition

Description of the app:

支持各类 2D/3D 精彩的游戏视频录制用它来扑捉每秒 120 帧数的视频,4K 高清游戏录制的高清屏幕录像软件

Bandicam (Bandy Video)是一款非常简单好用的录屏幕录游戏录视频的功能强大的屏幕录像软件比起其他软件其性能更加卓越。 Compared to other software,用 Bandicam 录制的视频大小更小不仅保证原文件的质量下载免费版可录制时间最长为 10 Minutes,录制视频打上(水印购买 Bandicam 授权能够永久使用无功能限制的完整版

游戏录制– Bandicam 录屏软件支持各类 2D/3D 精彩的游戏视频录制用它来扑捉每秒 120 帧数的视频,4K 高清游戏录制的高清屏幕录像软件
屏幕录制– Bandicam 录屏软件录制屏幕上您操作的所有内容,Software operation,Online teaching,Courseware production,Online video,Live video, etc.,HD screen recording software。
设备录制– Bandicam 录屏软件能够录制电脑外置设备,Like a webcam.,Xbox/PS 游戏机,Cell phone,Network TV, etc.,Best Screen Recording Software。
Bandicam 录屏特点
Screen recording has these features to give you the best video。
Add a webcam
You can add a webcam to video during video recording。
Screen area recording
Record a rectangular area you want to record。
Hand-painted graffiti function
You can hand-draw a focus or screenshot during the recording process。
Mouse-click effect
Show the mouse when recording a video and click animate
Record microphone sound
Add your voice to your video,Record while talking。
Add my watermark
The watermark pictures you want can be added to the video,and you can choose the location of the watermark.,in case replication propagates。


Official Download:
Chinese interface: 支持中文显示,Multi-language options。
Update instructions: Permanent use,1年免费更新
Try it before you buy: 试用版支持录制10分钟录制出视频含水印
Running platform: Windows (non-server)
How to receive a receipt: After purchase,Activation information is sent as a mail to the mailbox at the time of placing the order。
Number of devices: 1台电脑
Change your computer: Original computer uninstall,New computer activation。
Working scenes: Utilities, Video, Life
Special instructions: 不可录制一些含版权的视频责任自担注册码与电子邮箱绑定发送之后不支持更换电子邮箱地址






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