Android Edge Lighting Always On Edge v5.8.3 [Pro] Paid Special Edition

Always On Edge is a screen breathing light tool on Android。Always On Edge Edge Lighting supports a variety of ways to get your phone moving。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Keep Edges lighting up at as low as 0% CPU usage,This is an attachment.,And not just an application.,It's an application you're making.。

Boundary light work?No notifications。When the notice comes, in addition to lighting。

This is Edge Lighting and Notifications,Alternatives between "AOD" and "Live Wallpaper" and "Screen Corner Masks",But there are many options to choose from.。

That's its main feature.

Lighting App Lighting
Stand-alone (default)
Environment:If the system AOD is on,Then AOE lights up,
Instead of a custom screen (lit only without widgets)。But if The AOD is turned off,
The default method will be used。
This requires permission to enable AOE as an accessibility service。
AOE does help.,Especially for the deaf.,know what they've been notified.。
This also reduces battery consumption。

When does ✅ start?
-Manual,Open the app only when you need it。
-Edge lighting for home and lock screens live wallpapers
-Automatic,Lock the screen anywhere, anytime。
-Only when you receive a notification:
。And the screen is off.。
Screen open。
Always close or on。
-Always clock,Start timing when the notification arrives。
-Only when I charge my device。
-Mixed,Always keep the clock,10s per minute。
-Listen to music only when you plug in your headphones。
-Always when the screen is on
-When someone calls,
-When you open the nearest application menu

✅ Emoji Fall Animation

❕ if the screen is turned on,You can also light up the notification bar
❕ you can add toggles in the system notification panel,To switch between manual (disabled)/or any other option you choose (enabled)。
❕ for notifications,You can choose the colors and lighting times that are separated from each application and from other applications。
❕ which run option you choose,You can press the volume down key at any time to terminate the application,and will never run until the next device is locked。
can You can remove the AOE icon from the notification bar。
Battery if the battery is low,The option does not run。
❕ options,Do not run if charging。
Options for home home button。
❕ choose not to run the application during cycles such as sleep time。
❕ Pocket Mode,Close when pocket or screen faces down,Recovery on the go (more power)。
❕ SmartUnlock,When I put the device on a flat surface,,Please turn off and turn on the screen (more power)。
❕ clock and widget spun on the landscape screen,

How does close it close?
-Swipe up to close。
-Double-click off。
-Pocket mode。

✅ more widgets than just edge lighting,Also has the following options:
-Slide an invisible music controller。
Button Music Controller:
Always or only when you connect your headphones。
-Show clock:
Clock Style。
The primary color of the clock。
Auxiliary color of the clock。
Clock size。
Clock date/second/language。
Bell-faced round background。
-Show notification icon:
Digital badges。
Clickable notification icon。
Icon size。
In the background of the bar。
Colored icons。
Icon of the border。
-Show battery power。
-Dim application screen,Adjust ingemuch (save more power)。
Screen image background:
Pictures from the gallery。
The Light of the Galaxy。
Galaxy Full。
-Enable notch support,instead of supporting all devices (but automatic,and any device running android Pie):
Gap height。
Notch width。

see as you can see,You'll create "screen corner masks" and "gap masks!" "。

✅ Edge Lighting Animation Style:
Stability (save more power),Use 0% CPU),Color wave is great!
-Flashing icker

✅ adjust edge lighting:
Edge speed。
Edge thickness。
Edge Color No.:
One color。
Three。 ?
Color wave。 ?(Try a stable style!) )

✅ adjust the space between edges
-There's no space.

✅ adjust the corners of your device screen?
-Curved corners
-Little Corner
-Rules corner
-Manual adjustment

❕ can enable/disable edge lighting。
❕ widget changes position every X minute。

This application can operate on any device.,But it's mainly for devices equipped with AMOLED screens.


Update the log:

* Unique Animated Wallpapers
* Fixes and the s
* Work with/in AOD or without, as you wish!.
* Tap To Light with AOD Tap To Show
* With OvertheD Lighting Mode (50% Les battery usage)
* Major performance and battery usage optimize
* Notifications on home screen widget
* Lighting Reminder/Repeater
* Customize per contact, account, Group…
* Customize lighting brightness
* Notifications LED Styles
* Lighting when listening to music, calls, charging, Live Wallpaper ..


Version description:

1、Professional features unlocked

2、Disable/remove unwanted permissions plus recipients and services

3、Analytics/Crashtics disabled


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