Android Antispy and Spyware Scanner Anti Spy & Spyware Scanner v2.0 Premium Special Edition

Anti Spy & Spyware Scanner is an anti-spy and spyware scanner on Android。Anti Spy & Spyware Scanner with Artificial Intelligence (AI),Real-time signature updates and heuristic detection methods,Proactively protect users from spyware and dangerous stalkers。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

The ™ Counter-Spy

★★★★★ Free protection against spyware
★★★★★ detect spy、SMS and GPS trackers and monitoring apps
★★★★★ engine based on artificial intelligence and heuristic search methods
★★★★★ detects known spy apps、Backdoor program、Bill fraud、SMS Fraud、Phone fraud、Fee fraud、Commercial spyware、Denial of Service (DoS) Attack,Malicious downloader、Phishing、Privileged upgrade、Ransomware、Root permission get、Trojan horses and so on.,These are often used by governments or law enforcement agencies.
★★★★★™App is popular with more than 2 million users in 123 countries

Anti-spying device scans Android devices to find potential spies。
With Artificial Intelligence (AI),Real-time signature updates and heuristic detection methods,Proactively protect users from spyware and dangerous stalkers。

Anti-spyware scanner
Anti-spyiser based on smart Deep Detective ™ technology,Protect thousands of our users from hackers and targeted spying every day。

Intelligent algorithms detect fraud elements,For example, hide ads、Fake apps、Adware、LeadBolt、SMS stealing、Backdoor、Root permission get、SMS Fraud、Keylogger、Exploiting、Bank Trojan、Anubis、Agent Smith、Ransomware、LokiBot、AirPush, etc.。

Whether it's a foreign spy.、Hackers、Spouse、Friends、The boss or a colleague.,Just click on the "Scan" button,To detect potential spy applications and hidden spyware processes。In just a few milliseconds,,The anti-spy eras compare all process and application signatures to thousands of anti-spy algorithms。

Spyware Removal Tool

Are you looking for a counter-spy mobile app? This anti-spy phone app is what you need.。Our scanner cleaner protects your device from any intrusion。Is someone maliciously watching you? Let the anti-spy handle。Monitoring with our antimalware applications,Block virus spyware,Prevent unauthorized tracking and surveillance。Spyware detection algorithms can help you get rid of spyware and learn more about spyware。Our privacy scannerlets allow you to hide against any vulnerabilities。

Intelligent protection against spyware and known (unknown) spyware
The ™ counter-spycan can detect known spy apps,You can also detect spies.、SMS and GPS Tracker,and surveillance applications that are frequently used by governments or law enforcement agencies in some countries。

Artificial intelligence engine monitors the behavior of applications and processes。Proactively prevent any use of spyware、Trojans and other malware monitor your chances。

With real-time scanners and heuristic scanning methods,You can even report unknown spy headers.。

Ideal combination
The ™ anti-spy is ideal for combination with existing security solutions such as antivirus scanners,And used with Camera Guard ™ and Micro Guard ™,Excellent privacy protection。

Protectstar ™ Guarantee
The ™ Counterintelligence does not collect any personal data from users on any medium。The app doesn't have ads。Like all of our apps!

+ Detecting Spies、SMS and GPS trackers and monitoring apps。
+ You can also detect hidden and disabled spies
+ Free protection against spyware

+ Detect known spy apps and more apps commonly used by government or law enforcement agencies。
+ Detecting fraudulent elements,For example, hide ads、Fake apps、SMS stealing、Root permission get、Exploiting、Bank Trojan、Anubis、Agent Smith、Ransomware, etc.。
+ Heuristic search enginebased on artificial intelligence
+ Antimalware features:Detect spyware and various types of malware
+ White list:Add trusted applications to the exception list regularly
+ No root permission required

Optional Professional Version Feature
+ Priority real-time updates
+ Real-time protection
+ Set up automatic background scans on a specific date and time
+ Enhanced Heuristic Counterintelligence Engine,Detect more unknown spy apps


Update the log:

Protectstar Anti Spy 2.0 is ready to detect more modern spy- and malware.

NEW: AI Life Rules (individual designed real-time malware detection rules directly from our sor Protectstar AI Cloud)
NEW: Pro users see now the more real protection s a second new green inner circle on the main screen.
NEW: Monitor ale app
IMPROVED: Faster boot
IMPROVED: New graphics
ADDED: License Key added section for users purchased a license on our online online shop


Version description:

1、Lifetime Professional Subscription Unlocked

2、Disable start-up scans

3、Remove scan results promotionapp

4、Disabled Support tab in settings

5、Activate dark themes

6、Optimised graphics and clean package resources,Fast loading and small size

8、Disable/remove unwanted permissions plus recipients and services

9、Analysis/Crash Analysis Disabled

10、Compatible with AOSP


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