Android Cryptography v1.9.0 Paid Unlock Edition.

Cryptography is a cryptography learning tool on the Android platform.。Cryptography Cryptography Is a Password for All Ages,Hash,Coding and learning tools。There are many tools for cryptography.,From crossword resolution to password generation.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Cryptography is a type of password that applies to all ages.,Hash,Coding and learning tools。There are many tools for cryptography.,From crossword resolution to password generation.。Download now and see more!

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Scytale cipher..

Rot. 1 – 25 Cipher..
Autokey cipher..
Bacon Cipher..
Beaufort cipher..
Templar Cipher with image send feature..
Porta cipher..
Vigenere cipher..
Gronsfeld cipher..
Elliptic Curve Diffie-Helleman AES., similar to Curve25519.
ChaCha cipher. (Salsa20.)
Affine cipher..
Rail Fence cipher..
Keyword cipher..
Adfgvx cipher..
Playfair cipher..
One-time pad..
Twofish cipher. (next gen Blowfish.)
Threefish cipher.
• Enigma cipher with saveable settings.
• RSA cipher with custom keys
• Blowfish cipher
• Polybius Square.
• Atbash cipher.
• Caesar cipher.
• Rijndael (Aes) Cipher.
• BIFID cipher.
• Trifid cipher.
• Hill Cipher with editable Matrix.
• Visual Cryptography.
• SCrypt (Password-based key derivation function, in progress)
• Two-Square cipher (currently encrypt).
• Tri-Square cipher (currently encrypt).
• Four-Square cipher (currently encrypt).
• Shacal2
• Shamir’s Secret Sharing (SSS) algorithm.
• RC2
• RC4
• RC5
• RC6
• Triple DES
• Serpent
• SkipJack

•惠而浦0/1 / W(哈希)
•HMAC – SHA1. / SHA256 / SHA512(高级散列)
CRC. – 8/16/24/64(Hash)
ELF-32 (hash)
FCS-16 (hash)
HAS-160 (hash)
MD-2/4/5 (hash)
RIPEMD. – 128/160/256/320(Hash)
SHA.-0/1 / 2-224 / 2-256 / 2-384 / 2-512 / 3-224 / 3-256 / 3-384 / 3-512(Hash)
Shake 128 / Shake 256.
Tiger. – T / T2. / 128/160(Hash)
- Sum. – 8/16(Hash)
Xor8 (hash)
GOST (hash)
BCrypt (hash)
Use java. | PBKDF2 (hash) of the php example。
SipHash hash algorithm.。
Skin hash.。
Keccak hash.。
Argon2 hash.。 (Remote api)
SM3 hash.。

ASL (American Sign Language)
Elian script.
Base85. | ASCII85.
A Morse code encoder with sound playback.。The sound can be annoying.。
The sema phone volume.
Tap the code.

Unknown password tool.。
Hash Cracker Resources.。
Password strength check tool.。
Frequency analysis.。
WhatsApp message decryption tool.。
Normal QR code reader (camera or image)
An encrypted QR code reader.,The password used for support.。
- NATO Voice Alphabet.。
The Anagram Solver tool.。
Pseudo-random number generator (PRNG) and its interpretation.。
The AFSK (Audio Shift Keying) generator.。 Receiver will be released in a future release.。
- Stealth.,Encrypt decryption tools in builds.。
The text.<>Binary converter.。
Decal.<>Binary converter.。
Hen.<>Binary converter.。
Integers (numbers)<>Binary converter.。
Custom Hmac SHA. 1/256 + SHA256 password verification summary creation tool.。 (Java. | php example)
File encryption tools.。Read the tutorial from a link that is included in the description view or tool question mark.。
The Password Builder tool.。
The checksum tool is used for text and files.。
ASCII table with search function (8 bits / 255)。
Binary with search function.,Hexadecimal.,Decal and octal watchmaking.。
Hex. <> Ascii converter.。
ASCII Font Art Tool.。
Normal QR code generator.。
– Includes links to very good online SHA1 specials.。

Blum Blum Shub generator.。
Haversine recipe.。


Update the log:

Khazad cipher., Anubis cipher., upgrading some libraries..
See Extensions page Cryptography Githububy to check out source code..


Version description:

Unlock free ads.,Direct installation is ready for use


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