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Soft Organizer Advanced Program Removal Tool,Supports uninstalling programs and searching for their tracks,Automatically remove stubborn programs that cannot be unloaded.,Program ratings based on the database of the deleted application.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

1.Very simple and intuitive operation.
Simple,A convenient, overload-free interface does not distract the user from the installation and/or uninstall process.。The Soft Organizer utility looks like a simple list of installed programs.,The user simply selects a program and clicks Uninstall.。At the same time,The tool has all the features of a program that even has a much more complex interface.。(Most of these programs look like there are many meters.),instruments and obscure instruments in the cockpit of the space shuttle.。)

2.Only the features you really need.
Thanks to the wise choice of features.,Soft Organizer provides only those options that you really need for your job.。The overall functionality of the program is similar to that of a competitive application removal solution.。

3.Enhancements for experienced users.
Thanks to enhancements in the Features in TheSoft Organizer.,Experienced users can control the process more precisely.。This feature keeps a low profile.,Does not distract other users.,So installing and uninstalling applications with TheSoft Organizer is still simple and intuitive.。

Search for traces (residues) of the program to be unloaded
Allows you to remove traces of programs that were not tracked at the time of installation (by full uninstall technical support)。

Built-in automatic update mechanism.
Soft Organizer is automatically updated to a new version.。You do not need to visit the program's Web site.,There is also no need to manually download or install the tool.。All you need to do is click the Update button.,The program will do the rest.。

Universal Windows Apps removed.
Allows you to remove universal Windows 8/10 apps installed from the Windows Store.。

Sort and group lists.
The list of programs can be based on various parameters (installation date).,Track status.,title, etc.) to sort.,to search for a given application instantly in the list.。

Built-in program level.
Program ratings allow you to evaluate installed applications.。The score is calculated based on the total number of users who removed the application from the computer shortly after installation.。

Automatic backup
Automatically creating backups when clearing application residues protects the system from any possible emergencies.。

Program quick search function.
Through a quick search.,You can find the application you need almost immediately.,As long as you know its title or part of it.。When you type text in the search box.,The list is dynamically shortened.。

Delete more than one program at a time.
All you need is to select all the programs you no longer need.,Then click Uninstall,You can easily delete or even multiple applications in Thesoft Organizer.。

Export the list of installed programs to HTML.
When you contact your company's support staff.,They may ask you for information about programs installed on your computer.。You can easily get such a list with just a few clicks.。The list is saved as an HTML file that is easy to open and read.。

Check the new version
For installed programs.,You can choose to check for a newer version of the program.。This way,,You can keep your application up-to-date.,and eliminate errors and problems caused by outdated versions.。

This feature is only available in Paid Pro.
PRO searches for the rest of the program that has been unloaded.
Allows you to remove the remnants of a program that has been unloaded.。

This feature is only available in Paid Pro.
PRO tracker installation.
Install the application and track changes in the system.,to allow tracking elements to be deleted later (by full uninstall technical support)。

PRO "Mute" program is installed.
For those installation packages that support silent installation.,You can install the application by clicking No Problem mode.。

Pro new version is installed.
If a newer version of the installed program is detected.,Soft Organizer Pro will provide one-click updates (not available for all programs)。


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Green Portable Edition


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