Android WeChat v6.3.31 Official/Long-Term Edition

Wechat,Hundreds of millions of people use it.,You can send voice to your friends over the cellular network.、Text message.、Expression、Pictures and videos.,You can also share photos to your friends circle.。by shaking.、See people nearby.,Meet new people.。Use a broom.,Scanable QR codes.、Bar code.、Books and Street View.。Wecan pay using WeChat.,Interact with the public number.,Also able to listen to stars sing.、Watch the news.、Set a reminder...

Android版微信v6.3.23 正式版/长期版

New version changes

v6.3.31 Official Edition.
In group chats, you can find chats by group members and dates.

v6.3.28 Official Edition.

– Group owners can enable the group master confirmation to invite friends to the group function.。
– You can also collect money in group chats.。

About going to upgrade.

By AT47 (Big God)

– Keep the official original signature.,The installation is complete.;
– Thin volume.,To upgrade tips,Detection is always up-to-date.;

About the modified version.,It is recommended to switch to the "Taiwan Bay Traditional" language.,No shopping.,
The language "Tai-Wan Traditional" has been deleted.,The default simplified interface after switching.,Experience better!

With regard to certain cases WeChat flashback solutions.

(1)。:Android phone root after frame WeChat one-click forward flashback solution.
Open the RE Manager (give root permission) to go to the phone root to find .
/data/data/ deletes what's inside.
Then modify the permissions. ,Permission All hooks are removed. ,Perfect solution to WeChat flashback.

(2)。:Xiaomi MIUI8 system double open as follows to operate the second WeChat flashback solution.:
Double-open the app data catalog.:/data/user/99/
Open the RE Manager (give root permission) to go to the phone root to find .

The official version of WeChat v6.3.31 for Android. / v6.3.21 Google Market.

Android v6.3.16. / v6.2.4. / v6.0.2 Long-term version.,to upgrade the thin version.

UI custom module, forward module, anti-recall module, contactbook management module.,All up-to-date! Access code kmv8.

WeChat for Android Official Edition.

WeChat for Android Google Market.
Tips:The difference between the official and the Google version ->Google's version extends its life.,It has GCM characteristics.!

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