Ad green version of dictionary v6.3.69.7015

The desktop version of the Tao Dictionary is now updated to v6.3.69.7015,This time it's an official update! 6.0 New Interface,Have oral exercises、Illustrated Dictionary、Features such as global pronunciation。A way dictionary is the best Internet dictionary software,Based on original "network interpretation" capabilities,Easily include the latest words。

There's a dictionary.,The best free all-round translation software! The perfect combination of Internet online dictionary and desktop dictionary advantages of the PC version of the Taoist dictionary,The combination of "authoritative dictionaries and network interpretations" includes various emerging words and translations,Provide accurate online dictionaries、Online translation、Massive example sentences, etc.。Have a powerful local offline dictionary,New full-text translations、Encyclopedias and online wordbooks make English officially enter the Internet age。

有道词典v6.3.69.7015 去广告绿色版本有道词典v6.3.69.7015 去广告绿色版本

New version changes:


2016.07.21 v6.3.69.7015 Official Edition
* There's a cloud note and you can get the words again.,Improved pronunciation issues
* Improved problems where downloads using Edge browser in Win10 can be blocked

About Go Ads Pure Edition:

by zd423 (focus on modification)

-Go to NetEase Select、Daily recommendations for pop-up windows and options;
- Remove word translation windows and query results image advertisements and promotional content;
- Go to the home page for everything(Optional recovery),Perfect removal of banner ads at the bottom of the main window;
-Completely prohibit backstage download of home page content recurrence file;Provide content recovery patch;
- Go to the "Download Phone Dictionary" button above the main window and query results page corresponding QR code;
- Remove subsequent detection upgrades,Completely perfect ban subsequent background download auto-upgrade files;
- Remove main menu useless items" online update、Feedback",Change help to about;
- Go to the "Tao School" below the main window、Artificial translation、There's a Dictionary Group button;

A Tao dictionary supports two custom dictionaries! One is a dictionary-enhanced version.,This version contains a full collection of the 21st Century Great English-Chinese Dictionary and the New Chinese-English Dictionary, which can also be viewed in detail when offline;The other is a compatible StarDict format dictionary。If you need to add a dictionary in this format,Simply use keywords such as "StarDict" or "Star Translation King" in search engines to query dictionary resources for this format。

A tao dictionary v6.3.69.7015 to advertise the green pure version of the local dictionary

localdicts.7z for local dictionary,Unzip to the root is enhanced! Access code 0w44

http://www. Access code 0114

"Self-Selecting" Very full local dictionary large online download address
Download Unzip,Point Software Settings - Dictionary Management - Add Unzipped .ifo

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