Android RE Manager Root Explorer v4.8.1 Special Edition

Root Explorer is a powerful ROOT rights file management weapon on android platform。Root Explorer is an efficient file management software,Supports modifications to system files in Root mode。Non-Root can also be used,But it just can't modify files other than built-in storage.。Root Explorer,R.E Manager's huge number of users,Installation essentials! Best File Manager for Android,None of them! RE Manager Native Chinese Simplified,New folders are supported,View/edit files in a variety of formats、Rights management、Bluetooth send, etc.,All the features of a normal file manager。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Root Explorer has the basic features of a normal file manager,New folders are supported,View/edit files,Software installation,Search feature added,It's easier to find things on your phone。In addition,,Root Explorer's biggest feature is its ability to delete/modify system files on your phone after gaining Root permission。

Root Explorer is the ultimate file manager root user。Access the entire Android file system (including the elusive data folder!) )。

Features include multiple tabs,Google Drive,Box,Lift shuttle box and network (SMB) support,SQLite Database Viewer,Text Editor,Create a depressment ZIP or TAR / gzip files,Unzip-RAR compression files,Multi-select,Execute the script,Search,Remount,Permissions,Bookmark,Send files (by e-mail),Bluetooth, etc.),Thumbnails of images,APK Binary XML Viewer,Change file owner/group,Create a symbolic link,"Open Way" facilities,MD5,Create a shortcut。

New permissions:

Full network access – For networking and cloud services。No information is passed on to us on the Internet。

Add or remove an account – Using the Google Drive SDK if need to add a new account。No changes have been made to the existing account,There is no detailed account name access separate。

Find an account on your device – Use to list available accounts to sign in to Google Drive。

Prevents sleep – For sleep ingesting the device during long operation,so that they are not interrupted。



Update the log:

Fixed crash when launch shortcut for non-existant file
Keep permissions when editing a file in root location


Version description:

1、Use without a license

2、Network disk backup available


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Extract code:a4xx



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