Android Video Ad Filter Music Network AdClear v9.14.3.800 No root full version

AdClear is a free video ad filtering app on Android。AdClear is the preferred ad blocker for Android users without root。AdClear's technology filters ads before they invade your browsing or app experience。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

AdClear can intercept:
YouTube Ads
Encrypted ads
Clickbait Ads
Intrusive advertising

Our Ad Blocker is one of the best apps to block YouTube ads,We're the first Android ad to block encrypted ads。As a reward,adblocker saves battery for users,Bandwidth and load time,And protect users from malware-infected ads。The best part:It's free.。If you want advertisers to exit,AdClear will be here to help you.。

Block encrypted ads
For Wi-Fi and mobile data
Block ads in your app
Selective application filtering
Support all browsers banned ads
Save bandwidth and battery
Increase discontent online loading speeds

How does it work?
AdClear is a non-root user,But it works the same way on root user phones。AdClear creates a VPN on your device,to filter out ad traffic before it's delivered to you over the network or apps。SSL certificates prevent encrypted ads from filtering them in the same way。This means that when you browse any browser or application you want to use,Ad blockers can run in the background。

Device-wide protection
VPN on your device blocks ads in apps and browsers。

VPN on device means your data never touches our servers。We do not route traffic through any server – They reach their destination directly from the device。VPN is only used to route traffic locally to the device itself。

Encryption protection blocking
VPNs on your device prevent ad traffic from affecting your experience or data usage。

Performance optimization
Proven patented technology won't slow down your device。

Easy steps without ads
Install this application,VPN and security certificates on their devices:Reduce ads in seconds。


Update the log:

All bug fixes and changes


Version description:

1、There are no ads for this app


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