Android LBE Parallel Space Dual Open App Parallel Space v4.0.8844 [Pro] Pay to go to the special edition of the ad

LBE Parallel Space is a dual-open app on Android,Now love green soft for everyone to bring LBE parallel space - dual-open app Parallel Space paid to go ad special edition has been updated tov4.0.8844 [Pro]

LBE Parallel Space - Double Open Application,A dual-open APP developed by The LBE Security Team。LBE Parallel Space,Can double-open almost any application,Includes social and gaming apps;And personalized themes that can be customized in the theme store for apps that can also be parallel spaces and double opens。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

LBE Parallel Space,Can double-open almost any application,Includes social and gaming apps;Customize personalized themes for parallel spaces and dual-open apps in the theme store。

A cell phone.,Two accounts,Also online
Different social accounts,Make it easy to juggle work and life。
The game size number is online at the same time,Help users quickly upgrade brush experience。
Almost all Android apps can log in to a second account in the LBE parallel space,Receive information for both accounts at the same time,Different account data does not affect each other。

Private apps,Incognito installation,Leave no trace.
Private space:Don't want your private apps to be discovered by friends or colleagues? Use incognito installation,Hide your private apps in LBE parallel spaces,Leave no trace in the cell phone system.。
Safety lock:Strict protection of your privacy,Stay away from prying eyes.。

Custom-made themes for parallel spaces and dual-open apps
Choose personalized themed skins that need to be customized through the themed store,Download the installation and activate。
Create shortcuts for a double-open app that activates a personalized theme,Mobile desktop easily distinguish between two different accounts。

Switch multiple accounts at the touch of a button
Dual accounts are online at the same time,Quickly switch over the multi-account interface,Manage multiple account information at the same time。

The most convenient to operate,Most stable operation。
Use the unique MultiDroid technology,Is the first application virtualization engine on the Android platform。


Instructions for use:

Permission issues:Requiring as many permissions as possible is to add applications in LBE parallel spaces that run smoothly。Like what,If you don't allow it to get geo-location information permissions,You can't send your location information to a friend in a double-open app。
Record the memory occupied in the LBE parallel space,Traffic and power are mostly consumed by apps running inside it。In LBE Parallel Space-Control Center-Mission Management & In storage management, you can view the details。
In order to ensure that messages are received properly,Make LBE parallel space an exception or add to whitelist in one-click clean-up memory。
You need to use a different mobile phone number than your main account when logging into a dual-open account,and keep this number available the first time you log in,to receive authentication text messages。


Update the log:

1. Perfect for Android P
2. Optimise parallel space performance
3. Fix a number of known issues


Version description:(Kirlif')

1、Pro function unlocked

2、Support for embedding 64-bit: Parallel space>Menu> 64Bit support>The installation button extracts the apk to the SD card instead of redirecting to the playstore


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