Graphic video processing Adobe After Effects CC 2020 v17.0.0 Chinese Simplified Green Special Edition

Adobe Afters CC is a graphic video processing software launched by Adobe,Now Adobe After Effects CC has been updated tov17.0.0

Adobe After Effects CC for organizations engaged in design and video stunts,Including the TV station.、Animation Productions、Personal post-production studio s well as multimedia studio。It belongs to layer type post-software。Adobe After Effects CC can create everything。Mainly using crowd animation personnel、Designers and synths for movies、TV、Video and web authoring dynamic graphics and visual effects。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

You can use After Effects to create everything
Animators、Designers and composers can use After Effects for movies、TV、Video and web authoring dynamic graphics and visual effects

Rolling end、Rotating words、Turn subtitles
Create animated subtitles、End and subtitle bars。Start from scratch,Or use one of the animation presets that are provided directly within the application。Whether it's rotating、Sweep or swipe,There are countless ways after Effects,Get your words moving。

Explosion effect、Exciting effects
By composing video and images,Let the UFO cross the sky,Blur the logo,Or create an explosion effect – Infinite possibilities。You can use hundreds of effects to achieve the display you want – Whether it's atomization、Change color or make snow effect。

Use keyframes or expressions to put anything, including logos、Shapes and cartoons) into animations。Or start a design with presets,and get a different effect.。

Excellent collaboration
After Effects works seamlessly with other Adobe applications。Create a composition,Then instantly see what it's doing in Premiere Pro CC via Adobe Dynamics Link。From Photoshop CC、Illustrator CC、Character Animator CC、Imported works in Adobe XD CC and Animate CC。Use Team Projects,No matter where the editor is,You can collaborate with them。After Effects has also been associated with 300 Multi-software and hardware partners integrate。


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Version description:(@roustar31)

Based on the official original
Cut the official Chinese aid document
Keep the full function Installed and use directly
The new version of the home page functions normally


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