Android Battery Detection Ampere v3.23 [Final] Paid Special Edition

Ampere is an Android battery detection app。Now love green soft for everyone to bring Android battery detection Ampere paid special edition has been more tov3.23 [Final]

Ampere measures charging and discharging current son of a phone battery,Can be used as a one-time application。The app can view the current of the phone's charging/discharge battery。If your phone isn't connected to a charger,You see the discharge current is negative.。If the charger is connected then what kind of charger will be used to provide the phone and the remaining power will be charged to the battery。

Description of the app:

Do you think that?,A charger/USB cable set charging device is very fast,And the other one isn't? Right now,You can prove it with amperes.。

Measure the charging and discharge current of the battery。

Pro's features:
– Gadgets
– Notice
– Alert in device
– Alert situ for Android Wear

The app works on Android 4.0.3 plus devices。Not every device is supported.,Because there is a lack of proper measuring chip (or interface) devices and they cannot be supported at all。Read the list of phones that are not supported at the end of the manual。

Does the application mean to be accurate milliamp。This is the only good review for its charging/USB two-in-one cable work best for you on the same device。

Start the application and wait about 10 seconds ("measure",it's on the monitor)。After this time,Charging or discharging current will be displayed。

Currently depends on a number of factors:
– Charging (USB) / AC/Wireless)
– USB cable
– Phone type
– Run the current task
– Show brightness
– Wireless network status
– GPS status

Please do not use scientific readings in this application specifically。However,The reading soure is not good,Relative measurement charger and USB cable each how fair on the same device。

If the application shows 0 mAh all the time,Please use the settings option "Old Measurement Method"。You can force the app to use the old measurement interface with it,If the lollipop device has at least one。

Unfortunately some Samsung devices do not give the correct (measurement) values (e.g.:S5),In the maximum possible charging current with the actual USB cable/charger configuration。This is a firmware problem。


Update the log:

* Bug fixes and minors


Version description:(@balatan)

1、Pro function unlocked
2、Change the default app icon to dark style
3、Change to the dark interface
4、Disabled/removed unwanted permissions , receivers and services
5、Analytics / Crashlytics deactivated
6、Disable the Startup Information tutorial

7、Send anonymous crashes are disabled by default
8、Optimised Graphics/Zipalign
9、Compatible with AOSP


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