Android Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC v4.3.1 Paid UnlockEd

Android Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC is an Android-based mapping software from Adobe.,Now Love Green Soft brings you an Android version of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC Paid Unlock Editing Has been updated. v4.3.1.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC Mobile provides you with a powerful yet easy-to-use solution.,No matter the shooting.、Edit,Or share photos.,It's easy to do it.。

Description of the app:

Anytime,Take beautiful pictures.。

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC Mobile provides you with a powerful yet easy-to-use solution.,No matter the shooting.、Edit,Or share photos.,It's easy to do it.。You can also upgrade it to Premium..

Take a photo (with the camera).
Take advantage of Lightroom CC's professional capture mode.,Don't miss any moving moments.,Bring the power of your phone's camera to the fullest.。
Capture in the original DNG format.,More creative control.。
Use high dynamic range. (HDR) The mode automatically expands the exposure range.,Captures the brightest to darkest hues.,Get realistic images.。
Use Photoshop features with five special presets.,You can see the effect when you take a picture.,You can then fine-tune it.。Non-destructive editing can always be restored to its original state.。*

Use advanced editing to edit photos in any album.
Quickly edit photos with advanced adjustment and correction tools, from simple one-touch presets to powerful one-touch presets.。
Use tonal curves to change colors.,Exposure,Tone and contrast., Make advanced editing of your photos.。
Edit large albums with ease.,Copy the edits to multiple photos.,It's easy to make photos in your album have the same effect.。
Use your finger or stylus to selectively adjust any part of the photo.,to improve accuracy.。(Advanced features)

Organize your photos.
Use tools such as star ratings and flags to organize and manage photos.。
Easy search.。Adobe Sensei uses artificial intelligence.,The photo is automatically tagged based on the content of the photo and the location you took it.。(Advanced features)

Share photos.
Share photos to Instagram using the lightroom tag number.、Facebook、Twitter、Flickr et al.。

*OpenGL ES is required for the photo preset. 3.0 and later versions are supported.。In-app cameras are supported on Android smartphones.。
**According to Adobe's stringent requirements for product quality and stability.,Currently, devices that include advanced processing and memory features( including the Samsung S7.、S7 Edge.、S8.、S8 plus.、Note 8、Google Pixel., Pixel XL., Pixel. 2, Pixel. 2 Xl., Pixel. 3, Pixel. 3 Xl., fully original HDR capture mode is supported on onePlus 5).。


Update the log:

Interactive Tutorials.: Access tutorials through the new home section., and apply step-by-step edits., Right right lightroom.
– Texture.: Ee or smooth sysss this as skin., Bark and hair.
– [Premium] Group Albums.: Invite others to add photos to your albums.
– [Premium] Batch Editing.: Easily apply the same with the change s to multiple photos.



Version description:(@balatan)

1、Advanced features unlocked

2、Disabled/removed unwanted permissions , receivers and services

3、Google Analytics / Crashlytics deactivated


ARM version.:ARM and ARM64.

INTEL version.: x86 version.


Download the address: Extract code:xjs5.


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