Android Screen Recording Icecream Recorder V5.92 Green Special Edition

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Icecream Screen Recorder is a screen recording tool on the Windows platform。现爱绿软为大家带来屏幕录像Icecream Screen Recorder 绿色特别版已经更新到v5.92

Icecream Screen Recorder Support Area selection、Drawing board、Project History、Add watermark。also supports recording webcam videos,Features are powerful。

Application Instructions:

Icecream Screen Recorder It's a tool.,Enables you to capture any area of the screen as a screenshot or video file。Intuitive and easy-to-use software provides a complete set of tools and options for audio professional screen capture。Use our screen recording software,You can quickly,Easily record webinars in high-definition mode,Games and Skype Videos。

Video Demo
Capture Screen,Create a screenshot video,Video description,Website and software Video Reviews,and record the game in window or full-screen mode。

Screen Recorder Features:
Area selection
Select the screen area you want to screenshot,Or you can make a video with just a click。
Drawing board
When you make a screenshot,Draw,Sketch and add arrows or text to screenshots or videos。
Project History
Quick access to all captured videos and screenshots。
Add watermark
Add your own watermark to the screenshot。
Add a Webcam
Record webcam video and screen recording。
Video quality
Select the output video quality of the screen recorder。
Zoom in when recording
Use the zoom in tool to make your videos more professional。
Recording around the mouse ' screen
Select the size of the area around the mouse cursor you want to record。
Step Tools
To graphically enumerate tutorials using our screen recorder。

Trim Recordings
If necessary,Cut unnecessary parts of the start/end of a video after recording。
Audio settings
Change the volume of the microphone and system sound。
Using a screen recorder,You can change the format of recorded videos at any time。
Save screenshots to the Clipboard and share them immediately via Skype or email。
Set up
Hide cursor or desktop icons,and disable the screen saver during screen capture if necessary。
Screenshot to URL
Just click,You can send screenshots to icecream apps ' servers,Get a short URL,and share it with anyone.。 Display the hotkeys used in the video
Display the hotkeys used in the video
Easily display hotkeys used during recording。
Scheduled screen recording
Set up multiple screen capture tasks on the timer。


Update log:

Potential audio stuttering on ' weak’ Machines fixed


Release description:

You can use icecream Screen Recorder v5.x license You can also use icecream Patch and you can use Icecream Activator



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