Android Sina Weibo v10.4.3 Google Market + Weibo International v3.7.1 Goes to Advertising Edition

Sina Weibo is a social media platform owned by Sina。Sina Weibo users can access THE PC via a variety of terminals 、Desktop apps、Mobile phones, etc.,Sina Weibo with picture text、Graphic mix、Video and other forms of multimedia fusion,Instant sharing of information、Spreading interaction。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Sina Weibo
On Weibo,Official Press Release,Grassroots breaking news;
On Weibo,Massive short video waiting for you to brush,Music、Funny、Variety、Star、Sports、There's everything in the movie and;
On Weibo,Big V Star ReleaseS,Fan paparazzi blast inside;
On Weibo,Push your favorite content for the first time!

Short video on Weibo
Massive HD short video,Fresh content is rendered at great speed,Super-sit-for-all!
Top Weibo
Hot spot content capture quickly,Recommended to you the content most interested in
Star Big V Dynamic
Super-big-name stars post news on Weibo,Focus on your favorite stars the first time
Feel your feelings,A monologue,A few pictures or a video.,A few minutes live,Let the world hear your voice
Weibo Story
Quickly record and share any moment in your life to "My Story",Post a 15-second video or a photo in just two steps,The story disappears 24 hours later without leaving a trace.
Real-time hot search list
Present the freshest、Hottest、The most material hot spots,Want to know what's going on.,Crazy Stamp Hot Search List
Weibo Live
Bringing together stars、Reds、Live content such as media events,Interact with Big V in real time while watching live content! At the same time,Can post your own live tweets and notify your fans in time!

Weibo International Edition
Create a simple and easy international Sina Weibo client。

Weibo,Discover new things anytime, anywhere! Weibo takes you through every moment in the world,Learn about every behind-the-scenes story。Share what you want to say,Let the whole world hear your heart。

Key features
- Basic functions:Brush Weibo、Like it、Watch the video、All features are rated
- New design:International design,Multi-language support,Weibo translation function
- More sharing:Weibo、Wechat、Qq、Facebook、Twitter, etc.
- Popular Weibo:Top Searches、Top Weibo、Top Videos、New


Update the log:

Sina Weibo:


Weibo International Edition:

2020November 26, 2015
– Improve user experience and bug fix


Version description:

Google Market Edition


Download the address:



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