Android Sina Weibo v9.5.0 Google Market edition + Weibo international edition v3.1.3 to advertise edition

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Sina Weibo is a social media platform owned by Sina。Now love Green soft for everyone to bring the Sina Weibo Google Market version has been updated toV9.5.0 & Weibo international edition to the ad version to update toV3.1.3

Sina Weibo users can access PCs through a variety of terminals 、Desktop Apps、Mobile phones, etc.,Sina Weibo with picture text、Graphic Blend、Video and other forms of multimedia fusion,Enable instant sharing of information、Communication interaction。

Application Instructions:

Sina Weibo
On Weibo,Official news Release,Grassroots blasts gossip;
On Weibo,Lots of short videos waiting for you to brush,Music、Funny、Variety Arts、Star、Sports、Movies and TV everything.;
On Weibo,Big V Stars Release News,Fan paparazzi blasts insider;
On Weibo,The first time to push your favorite content to be interested in!

Weibo short video
Massive HD short video,Fresh content extremely fast rendering,Super save traffic anytime, anywhere!
Popular Weibo
Hot content capture quickly,Recommend what's most interesting to you
Star Big V News
Super-big stars release news on Weibo,Add attention and interact with your favorite stars in the first place
To express your inner feelings to the fullest.,A monologue,A few pictures or a video.,A few minutes of live streaming,Let the world hear your voice
Weibo story
Quickly record and share any moment in your life to "my Story",Post a 15-second video or a photo in just two steps,The story disappears after 24 hours without leaving a trail.
Real-time Hot search list
Render the freshest、Hottest、The most material hot spots,Want to know what's going on.,Crazy Poke Hot Search list
Weibo live
Gathering stars、Reds、Live content such as media popular events,Can interact with big V in real time while watching live content! While,Can publish their own live Weibo and timely notice to your fans!

Weibo international edition
Create a simple and easy international Sina Weibo client。

Executive Summary
Weibo,Discover new things anytime, anywhere! Weibo takes you to appreciate every wonderful moment in the world,Learn about every behind-the-scenes story。Share what you want to say.,To make your voice heard all over the world.。

Key Features
-Basic Features:Swipe Weibo、Wonderful.、Watch the video、All functions of graphic evaluation, etc.
-New design:Internationalized Design,Multilingual support,Weibo translation features
-More sharing:Weibo、Wechat、Qq、Facebook、Twitter, etc.
-Popular Weibo:Top Searches、Popular Weibo、Popular Videos、New


Update log:

Sina Weibo:

2019Year May 07
Problem Repair and performance improvement,Improve the user experience


Weibo international edition:

2019Year May 09
– Version Endless,Updates are more than。
– Bug fixes and experience optimization。


Release description:




Love Green Soft » Android Sina Weibo v9.5.0 Google Market edition + Weibo international edition v3.1.3 to advertise edition
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