Android Planet Map and Sky Map Astrolapp Live Planets and Sky Map v5.1.0.5- Paid Special Edition

Astrolapp Live Planets and Sky Map can show the path of stars in our solar system,Including the sun.,The orbits of the moon and planets,Medieval Star Plate。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Your window to the stars

Immediately set in the night sky! Put your device in the sky,Observe and identify planets through a mobile phone display,Stars and Constellations。Enjoy a very sensitive and very precise real-time mode of Astrolapp,and visually appealing visual interface。

Draw stars based on their true colors.,and according to the International Astronomical Union to provide their names。Optional,88official constellations are labeled with or without a name tag。Use powerful search features,Let the arrow guide you to any planet above your head,Stars or constellations。

Attack on any planet or planet.,Astrolapp highlights the path that path objects in the sky follow during night (or day)。In addition,,Astrolapp calculates the ascent and set time of any celestial body to minutes,and display the current position data as a table on a separate pull-out display。

Astrolapp automatically detects your current location and uses it to calculate the stars you see。But if you want to know what the stars are like on the other side of the world,,Just use the built-in map to select any other location。

In addition,,Astrolapp shows the current sky by default。However,If you're interested in what the sky looks like next month,Or hope to map planetary constellations in historical events decades or centuries ago.,Astrolapp will take you there in seconds。Watch the sky change in a fast motion!

As an alternative to real-time mode or for devices without a built-in compass,Astrolapp offers star chart mode。To switch between two types of displays,Tap the "3D" button。Both modes provide the same information and functionality as above。

Star chart mode:Interactive star chart in the style of astronomical clock

This representation visualizes the mechanics of the solar system and the movement of stars and constellations during the day and throughout the year。This is done through the plane projection of the celestial sphere.,Because it was used in medieval disks and astronomical clocks.。

Astrolapp depicts celestial spheres,As people sitting in the north pole of the celestial body can see.。From this point of view,,The sun moves clockwise around the center of the map in one day,Parallel to the equator of celestial bodies,It's like a 24-small clock disc.。The moon and planets move a little or more a full circle a day.,Depending on their proper movement in the solar system.。


No sound,No ads. – Just a quiet night sky!
Fast and accurate real-time mode with Kalman filtering (compass/magnetometer required in device)
Star chart mode with flat projection,Similar to the astronomical clock and the medieval disk.
Sun,The locationof of the moon and the planetincludes includes。Pluto
9096Bright Star Catalog and IAU's 88 constellations
The ascent of all celestial bodies,Set time and shipping time,Accurate to minutes
The stages and stages of the Moon;The retrogradeity of the planets
Ecliptic,Numerical position data on stars and solar system objects in equatorial and horizontal coordinate systems;Sun Heart,The heart of the earth and the heart of the earth
Graphic representation of the ecliptic and the position of the constellation (in star mode only)
Live display or manual scrolling over the centuries
Automatically determine the observer's geographic coordinates or manually select and save it through the map
Calculate local solar time,Local stellar time and GMT
Star color based on spectral type
Night mode (monochrome black/red)


Update the log:

Fixed for a bug in Google Maps which caused the app to crash at start up.
(Observed since April 23, 2020)


Version description:

1、Remove ads



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