File time modified NewFileTime v3.36 Green Portable Edition

NewFileTime is the next software on the windows platform to modify file times。Now love green soft for everyone to bring file time modification NewFileTime green portable version has been updated to v3.36。

NewFileTime is a small and effective tool,Corrections and action timestamps on any files and folders on your system are easily accessible。

Description of the app:

NewFileTime is a small and effective tool,Corrections and action timestamps on any files and folders on your system are easily accessible。

Can effectively have several files or folders sorted in chronological order。

NewFileTime is a Windows tool,Allows you to easily access any timestamps that correct or manipulate any files and folders on your Windows system。

Small,Portable,Smart and effective Windows File Time Software,Free private and office for all users。

The main function of the timestamp tool!

Corrections for daylight saving time and winter time
Multi-file support
Change timestamps and drag-and-drop
Change file and folder time through the MS Explorer menu!

Other specifications:
Optional translation function
Very small

Multiple files and/or folders can be modified

At the same time。Simply drag and drop or import files from folders。Anyway,It opens in a different way.,Lets you get the job at hand quickly。You can make younger or older files proportionally,You can also set a specific date/time。

Use this utility,Everyone can quickly correct the creation of files or folders on their PC,Date/time of last visit and modification。No need to install NewFileTime,Easily executed from the desktop。Portable use is also possible。

It can be used for time correction,For example:Digital cameras,Incorrect time settings on your computer or other important reasons。

NewFileTime is very simple to use,Use it to adjust the time a file is created、Time to modify、Access time is only three steps:
1、Add files to the software interface using drag-and-drop,You can add more than one file at a time
2、Set the time of modification on the software interface to the time you specify、When to create、Access time。
3、Click on the "Apply Time" button,You'll find that the sort of files is fine.。

In addition to this main function,NewFileTime can also be used to export file names of all files in folders to txt。
Bulk export of file names to txt is a very useful way to back up,Because backups don't take up any space on your hard drive,When you lose these files,Just download it by the file name.。


Update the log:

Small adjustments in NewFileTime,Improvements and new languages:Spanish (Espaol Latinoam?rica Colombia)


Version description:

Green portability


Download the address: Extract code: 4hkd



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