Android All-In-One Toolbox v8. build 150288 Paid Professional Special Edition

The All-In-One Toolbox is an all-in-one toolbox on Android.。The all-in-One Toolbox supports optimizing system memory usage.,Extend battery life.,Can effectively alleviate the lack of memory space on the device.,Carton and so on.、Clean up all junk files in your device.,Restore system space, and so on.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

If you're looking for a tool app on Google Play for your phone/tablet to meet the following needs.:

1. Optimize system memory consumption.,Extend battery life.
2. Effectively alleviates the lack of memory space on the device.,Carton and so on.
3. Clean up all junk files in your device.,Restore system space.
4. Protect private information.
5. Manage installation apps and files on your phone.

Congratulations.,You found it! The all-in-one toolbox is such a system tool.,In addition to meeting your various needs above.,There are also many other useful gadgets included.。

– 6MB installed space.,Enjoy more than 20 utilities.,Super-save space.
– Material Design design wind.,The interface is fresh.,Navigation is simple.
– The choice of millions of people.,Trustworthy.

The list of features.
Optimize memory.
Manage the run process within occupancy.,End useless processes with one click to free memory to speed up the phone.。
The phone cools down.:The process cools down quickly when the phone CPU temperature is too high.。

Clean up the trash.
Use advanced algorithms to thoroughly clean up all kinds of stubborn junk on your phone.:Process.,Cache.,Temporary files.,Unload the residue.,Empty file.,Clipboard records.,large files, etc.。Quickly free up storage space to slim down your phone.,Keep your phone running fast.。

- App management
Bulk operation.:Install the APK package in bulk.,Uninstall the APP in bulk.。ROOT users can perform silent bulk operations.。
Apply move.:Mobile app to SD card.,Saves more memory.。
Power on startup item management.:Customize the apps you need to add or disable when your phone system is turned on.。
Backup restore:Back up the installed app.,Restore the uninstall app.。
Power-on acceleration.: Increase the power-on speed.,Reduce power-on time.。 ROOT user-only.。
System app uninstall:ROOT user-only.。The phone system can be uninstalled with its own app.。

Privacy protection.
Applying the lock:Lock in privacy.,APP encryption.,Make your phone safer.。

SD card file management.
Sort or sub-directorize external memory card files.。Supports all underlying file operations such as replication.,Paste,New.,Compression and decompression, etc.。
Support for large file searches.,Quickly find the files that take up the most space and free up space.。

System information browsing.
Take a quick look at RAM.,Rom.,SD card.,CPU system footprint.,Battery occupancy information.,Screen information.,Network information and cell phone hardware information (system version).,The device model.,IMEI and equipment manufacturers, etc.。
The picture is compressed.
Smart charging.
Battery optimization.
One-handed stroke.

Multi-functional plug-in toolbox.
s1.. Ad detection.:Detect included ad apps and ad feeds.
2.. Compass:Wizards when you get lost.
-3.. Timed tasks.:Automatic clean-up acceleration.
s4.. Permission detection.:Preview the system permissions that the app gets.
-5.. Flashlight.:Lights in the dark.
6.. Applying the lock:Encryption is applied.,Protect ingress of privacy
-7.. Barcode and QR code scanning.:Quickly identify saved information.
s8.. The system is set up quickly.:Quickly operate various system settings.
s9.. Notification bar management.:Hide all kinds of APP pushes and notifications on the notification bar.,Easy to view and manage centrally.。
10.. System volume settings.:Quickly set the ringtone.,Notice,Alarm clock,The amount of ringing sound on the phone.
s11.. Game acceleration:Gamer must-haves.

Tips for using.
1.Desktop gadgets can be added.
2.You can add content to the whitelist to prevent deletion by mistake.
3.You can turn on the notification bar shortcut icon in your settings.


Update the log:

– Add new features for pro users.: VIP Feedback., Manage subscription.
— Bug fixes and stability s.


Version description:

1.Professional features unlocked

2、Optimised graphics and clean package resources,Fast loading and small size

3、No networking is required.

4、Compatible with AOSP


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