Android Music Speed Regulator Music Speed Changer v8.9.8 Paid Unlock Special Edition

Music Speed Changer is a music speed regulator on Android。Music Speed Changer adjusts music time、And adjust the tone of the music.,And the Music Speed Changer app now uses the lastique engine,Delivers superior sound quality。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

The Play Store downloads the most time-stretching and tone-changing apps now with the lastique engine,Delivers superior sound quality。

Music speed regulator lets you change the speed of audio files in real time on your device without affecting tone,or change the pitch without changing the speed.。In addition,,Speed and pitch can be adjusted together。This application is also a music loop player,You can slow down songs,and loop some of it,To facilitate practice。Another feature is inverted audio (playing music from back)。

You can also save the adjusted audio as an MP3 (.mp3) audio file,To share with friends or enjoy it on other players。

Music speed regulators are ideal for musicians who need to slow down the beat to practice their instruments,Speed up audiobook playback,Make Nightcore-style music,Or enjoy your favorite songs at 130% speed。

-Changing the pitch - raise or decrease the tone of the song by 24 semitones,Allow input of decimal semitones。
-Inverted music (played from back to forward)。Decrypt ingress secret information or learn music chapters by reversing or subsowing。
-Time telescopic - 10% to 500% change in the original speed (change the number of beats per minute of music)。
-Speed adjustment - changing the tone and beat of the audio at the same time。
-Use the best mobile device time scaling algorithm,Better to listen than all other similar applications。
-Analysis of audio,to show the number of shots and tunings for each track。
-Can open any audio file format that humans know。
-Music Loop Player - Seamless Loop Part Audio,Practice again and again。
-Save the modified version of the entire track or save only the captured loop part (ideal for making funny ringtones)。
-Play Queue – Add a folder or album to the playback queue and add/delete individual tracks。
-Equalizer – 8Segment graphic equalizer and preamplifier and balance control。
-It's completely free.,This music speed controller has no restrictions。
-Perfect for making Nightcore-style music。
-Open your device storage space or audio files in the cloud。
-Export adjusted music to MP3 (.mp3) file,to share or play on another music player。
-No need to wait for local audio files to decode。
-Modern material design user interface,Easy to use。
-Light and dark themes。

This app uses s/lastique er v3 by zplane. development for time stretching and pitch shifting.
This app is the ei seied with the sed SDK.


Update the log:

+ Tag editor function added.
+ Share track function added.
+ 18 Bug fixes and changes.


Version description:( @Kirlif)

1、Delete ads
2、Compatible with AOSP
3、Support for offline work


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