Mac markdown Writing MWeb v3.2.0 Special Edition

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MWeb is a markdown writing software on the MacOS platform。Now love Green soft for everyone to bring the markdown writing MWeb Special Edition has been updated to v3.2.0 。

MWeb is suitable for Mac,ipad and iphone MWeb's professional markdown writing,Note Logging and static blog builder applications。

Application Instructions:

MWeb provides you with an elegant and non-disruptive writing experience on the markdown!
Can handle professional-grade markdown and support markdown extensions。
Provides a variety of social networking and blog formats for publishing,and various preview themes。
Two modes of operation:External mode,Allow the addition of external folders; Library mode,Designed for notes and static blogs。

External mode
In external mode,You can edit common text and markdown files anywhere on your Mac。For example,You can associate mweb with folders on Dropbox。Using shortcut cmd + E or view – Open the outside to open the file in external mode。Then,Just drag a folder to the sidebar,You can enjoy full-text search and image insertion by dragging or pasting images from the Clipboard。
Hexo,Jekyll's support
You can add Hexo,Jekyll folder Drag to live preview of MWeb,and insert images by copying and pasting。

Publish your project to WordPress,MetaWeblog API Blog Service,Blogger,Medium,Tumblr and Evernote Notebooks,You don't even need to leave MWeb。

Turn out
Convert and export your content to a well-formed,A clear format pdf,Html,Image,Rtf,Docx。

Local picture upload
Upload local images to Google albums,Imgur and custom picture services。

Static Blog Builder
MWeb's static blog builder saves you time building your blog from scratch。Simply select the document category as the site,Then click Create website! MWeb's static blog is different from Jekyll's static blog。Preview does not require an HTTP server。

Library mode
Library mode is a builder designed for notes and static blogs/websites。It organizes your documents into a classification tree。You can assign documents to multiple categories。Using shortcut keys cmd + L or view – Open the library to open library mode。


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