Mac Markdown Writing MWeb v3.2.0 Special Edition

MWeb是MacOs平台上一款Markdown写作软件。Now Love Green Soft brings Markdown Writing MWeb Special Edition has been updated to v3.2.0 。

MWeb is suitable for Mac,MWeb professional Markdown writing for iPad and iPhone,Note-taking and static blog generator applications。

Application instructions:

Two modes of work:外部模式允许添加外部文件夹; 图书馆模式,Designed for notes and static blogs。

在外部模式下,You can edit common text and Markdown files anywhere on your Mac。For example,您可以将MWeb与Dropbox上的文件夹相关联。Use the shortcut CMD + E或查看打开外部以在外部模式下打开文件。And then,Simply drag a folder to the sidebar,即可通过从剪贴板拖动或粘贴图像来欣赏全文搜索和图像插入功能
You can make Hexo,Jekyll文件夹拖动到实时预览的MWeb,and insert images by copying and pasting them.。

将您的项目发布到WordPressMetaweblog API博客服务BloggerMediumTumblr和Evernote笔记本甚至不需要离开MWeb

Convert and export your content to a good format,格式清晰的PDF,Html,Image,RTF,docx。

Upload local images to Google Albums,imgur和自定义图片服务

MWeb's static blog generator saves you time building a blog from scratch。只需选择文档类别作为网站,Then click to build the website! MWeb's static blog is different from Jekyll's static blog。Preview does not require an HTTP server。

图书馆模式是专为笔记和静态博客/网站设计的生成器它将您的文档组织在一个分类树中您可以将文档分配到多个类别。Using the shortcut CMD + L或查看打开库来打开库模式


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