Disk Partition Aomei Partition Assistant AOMEI Partition Assistant v8.6.0 Enterprise and Portable

Aome partition assistant is a tool for partitioning disks on windows platforms。Now love green soft for everyone to bring disk partition Aomei Partition Assistant Enterprise Edition AOMEI Partition Enterprise Edition Assistant Enterprise Edition , Portable Edition has been updated tov8.6.0

Aomei partition assistant is arguably one of the must-have tools for the assembler.,There are a lot of partitioning tools,But each tool has its own merits.。Aome partition assistant can perform partition sizing without loss of data,Copy partition、Move partition location、Copying the disk、Restoring partitions、Merge partitions、Cut partition、Migration of operating systems and other operations。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

AOMEI Partition Assistant is an easy-to-use and free disk partition management software,With its help.,You can resize partitions without loss of data,Move partition location,Copy partition,Copying the disk,Merge partitions,Cut partition、Restoring partitions、Migration of operating systems and other operations,is a non-scoring zone tool。Not only supports Windows XP/2000/WinPE,Also supported with the latest Windows 7/Vista and Windows 2003/2008。Whether it's a regular user or an advanced server user,The partition assistant provides them with full functionality、Stable and reliable disk partition management services。The latest version of the Partition Assistant is perfectly possible to run Windows 8/8.1 and Windows Server 2012 systems。

AOMEI Partition Assistant Keygen
Easy-to-use disks
Partition Copy Wizard
A step-by-step copy (clone) wizard embedded in the partition assistant,to help you more easily replicate partitions to other disks,Or copy one hard drive to another。You can use this feature to back up data in disk partitions,You can also migrate or transfer disks and partitions to other storage devices,such as clone partition to SSD。
Disk Copy Wizard:Disk cloning,Clone one disk to another
Partition Copy Wizard:Partition clones,Copy partitions from one place to another

Full-featured partitioning tools
For partition management operations on disk,Are you looking for a full function,Running a stable partition management software? Do you have such a problem?,If the partition on disk is not reasonable,Lack of system space,System to SSD disk needs to be migrated,Want to create more partitions,Or want to change the size of a partition。What's going to happen then? At this point ausmo division assistant will be a very good choice for you。
Partitions aligned by sector:Press partition sto,8KB and other sector alignment,Optimize data access speed
Resize the partition:Expand or reduce the size of the partition
Merge and split partitions:Merge two or more partitions into one partition,Split a large partition into multiple small partitions
Allocate free space:Reassign unallocated space on disk to existing partitions
Primary logical partitions go to each other:Conversion between primary and logical partitions
Create,Delete and format:Basic partitioning operations,Create a new partition directly under any circumstances
Copying disks and partitions:Copy all data from the hard drive to another hard drive
Erasing disks and partitions:Wipe disks or partitions to prevent deleted private data from being recovered

Partition Recovery vs.
Create a bootable disc
Misoperation or viruses can cause partition loss,For cases where partitions on disk have been mistakenly deleted or lost,We can restore it by searching the disk。Ameritech offers features to help restore various types of partitions to solve your troubles with lost partitions。Creating a bootable disc can create a boot disc based on Windows PE,When the system does not start,You can use this disc for partition recovery or partition management。
Partition Recovery Wizard:Partitions on disk were deleted or lost by mistake,Get it back.
Create a bootable disc wizard:Run the partition assistant from the disc for partition recovery or partition management of the disk

System Migration Wizard
Now Solid State Drives (SSDs) are becoming more and more popular,Because the capacity of the SSD drive is relatively small (e.g. 64GB),128GB is more common),Usually we use SSD ss d as a system disk.,Install the operating system on the SSD,Makes OS especially fast to start and run。The Partition Assistant provides a powerful feature to quickly migrate your own operating system to SSD disks,You can then start directly from the SSD disk.。This migration feature will save you the hassle of reinstalling your application,It's time-saving and effort-saving.。In addition,,This feature also moves the system to a traditional HDD drive。
Migration system to SSD:Move system drives to SSDs,To improve the start-up and running speed of the system

One-click extended partition wizard
As software is installed and the amount of data increases day by day,This may cause the C disk to gradually lack space,Directly affect the speed of the system。Due to poor performance of the system,Issues such as insufficient disk space,May be very annoying to you,The system needs to be optimized at this point,Or need to adjust the space size of the system disk。The partition assistant is such a tool.,It provides an extended partition wizard that can easily scale the C disk。
Extended Partition Wizard:One-click extension of NTFS partition does not require a computer restart,Fast!

Other features supported
Support for all 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems
Support for all hardware RAID and IDE,Sata,Scsi,Ssds, Usb,FireWire,Disks of such types as USB sticks
Resize and position the section by dragging the slider bar
Support sector size is 4096 bytes,2048Bytes,1024Byte's hard drive
Graphicaldisplay map of disk and partition
Support for Windows XP/2000/Vista/Windows 7/WinPE and Server 2003/2008 systems
Full support for Windows 8/8.1 systems,Support server Windows 2012 and server 2011
Up to 64 disks supported in a single system
Support for FAT、FAT32 and NTFS file systems
Support for MBR and GPT disks up to 4TB
Virtual operations,You can preview partition changes before saving to disk,Minimize prevention of misoperations
Computers that support EFI/UEFI startup

AOMEI Partition Key Assistant
Useful additional features
These features may not be frequently used,Depending on your own needs, you may be useful,These features include:
Symbol Conversion Partition to NTFS
Hide or unhide partitions
Windows To Go Creator
Modifying the label of a partition
Changing the disk of a partition
MBR and GPT disk transfers
Modifying the partition type ID
Check for partition and file system errors
View the properties of the disk and partition
Mark the partition as an active partition
Rebuild the MBR code of the hard drive
Bad sector detection on hard drives
Initialize disk to MBR or GPT style
Modify ingassal serial numbers


Update the log:

Added a new tile-based interface to display disks and partitions. Learn how to change tile-based interface to list interface.
Fixed some random issues.
Optimized several details.


Version description:(rustar31)

Green Portable (PartAssist.x.x.x.Unlimited.7z)

Complete Dafile (PartAssist.x.x.x.unlimited.exe)
Program in Windows 10 x64 pass edtest


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