Android Retro Camera Lomographica v16.1.14 Paid Pro

Lomographica is a retro camera on Android。Now Love Green Soft brings the retro camera Lomographica 2019 Paid Pro has been updated to v16.1.14

Lomography Camera Filter takes your photography to a whole new level。Lomography's retro picture filter gives your photos smooth color enhancement,Make it more vivid,You can use the Instagram filter,Retro Camera Photo Effect,Vacs cam and more。Love Green Soft

Application instructions:

Introduce you to the incredible Lomography camera filter?,Take your photography to a whole new level。These retro picture filters give your photos smooth color enhancement,Make it more vivid。All the beautiful camera effects in the world can be used without any purchase,Includes Instagram filters,Retro Camera Photo Effect,Vacs cam and more。All Exotic filters that use the artistic beauty of photographers from around the world are included in a Lomography app。 Lomograph?Also known as Popular Photography,Includes filters and styles,It wasn't popular in the early days.,But now it's part of the latest photography trend.。

?Lomographica is the best camera filter app for 2019。You can use our film filters to capture as much as possible?Movie Photos。There are many other old camera effects,For example:

✔️ Light Leaks
✔️ Desaturated film filters
✔️ Hipstamatic Photo Editor Effect
✔️ Cinematic
✔️ Tilt / Shift
✔️ Retro Analog
✔️ Polaroid effect effect
✔️ Instagram Filter
✔️ Movie Style

Lomographica is the best selfie camera app?Contains many filters for picture selection。Like Polaroid.,Retro and Lomo cam effectphoto photo effects and overlays can be used to add some leakage to your imageor or use retro effects to give your photos a professional look。Use lomography film in older cameras?Will allow you to add instant effects。You no longer need to clean images in the darkroom All you need to do is connect to the Bluetooth printer and print the Walgreens Photo Editor immediately。

Call it a beauty cam or Insta camera?,Photo filters and effects allow images to be superimposed to make them look like Lomographica?,Such filters are also used on Instagram。These candy camera L or Lomography filters can also be used on all social networking sites and apps in smartphones。These photo overlays will make your images look clearer,Unique and vibrant。

You'll find a simple interface,The home screen includes two options,Cameras and gallery。It depends on which one you want to go to.。There are five different applications for all Ofmography retro filters in this application,You can find these methods by swiping on the selected filter screen。
Use your favorite filterto to take photos with a beauty camera inside the app,Without adding a snapshot from the library。
Add pictures from your gallery,Apply the effect you want,By sliding/finding the right image and ready to share it。

Lomographica camera contains his fiters for stonising:


What are you waiting for? Say "Aubergine!!

Disclaimer:This application is not the official application of the original website "Lomography"。In addition,,We have nothing to do with any website or brand。All filters and assets are customized by our professional designers。 Lomographica has made every effort to ensure that it does not violate other people's copyrights and trademarks。


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