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The next kitchen is a recipe APP on the Android platform。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the next kitchen to the advertising version has been updated to v6.8.6

The Next Kitchen is a popular food recipe software for young people,The main function is to offer a variety of culinary practices as well as cooking tips。Under the kitchen lets you have cooking at home、A healthy lifestyle,Provide scounised practical recipe practices and dietary knowledge,Provide a record of chefs and food lovers、Shared platform。

Application instructions:

★ Chinese recipes are more complete,The more popular food community;
★ Apple's official App Store features recommended gourmet apps;
★, cCTV News Channel reported as a popular lifestyle app for young people。

—-Key features—–
★ seasonal pop:Depending on the throttle,Tell you what to eat.,Three meals are not heavy.;
★ List Recommendations:Come in and see what's a recipe that more than 20,000 people have made.
★ popular community:You try to publish a recipe.,Will get the most authentic chef's likes,Exchange ideas to enhance cooking;
★ Event Prizes:Regularly jointly issue online and offline campaign solicitation orders with brands,Win the prize,Make friends;
★ Buy ingredients:United People Recommended,Help you pick the best ingredients and kitchenware,Instantly become a food expert admired by those around you。

—–Innovation Highlights—–
★ basket.:Ingredients needed for a menu add to the basket at the touch of a button,Go to the vegetable farm to buy vegetables and never forget to buy onions!
★ Cross-screen mode:Operating in the kitchen into cross-screen recipe cooking mode,Convenient and easy。


Update the log:

"One-year-old in the sound of firecrackers,Spring breeze sends warm into the butcher。"Chinese New Year's Eve,It's the most important day of the year for Chinese.,Chinese New Year's Eve meal is the highlight of the day.。What do you eat Chinese New Year's Eve,It's different everywhere.,But there's no shortage of fish on the family table.,Meaning more than year by year。

Open the kitchen,There's a section on the diet.,It's not good.。

– Optimize the kitchen studio course test-view function
– Optimize home style


Version description:(Smh.)

* Based on official version of the modification
* Remove all ads


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