Android Single Key Clear Expert 1Tap Cleaner Pro v3.83 Pro Special Edition.

1Tap Cleaner Pro is a garbage cleanup app on the Android platform.。1Tap Cleaner Pro quickly clears the fast-fetched gear generated by your phone app.、Search records.、Browsing history.、Records of calls and newsletters.,and remove presets to turn on app settings.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

One-click clears the fast pick-up generated by the phone app.、Search records.、Browsing history.、Records of calls and newsletters.,and remove presets to turn on app settings.。

Do you have enough space on your phone? Now you can use this app to clear fast picks or other records.,to get more free space.。

★ clear quick take.
★ clear search browsing history.
★ clear the phone newsletter records.
★ clear the preset settings.
★ SD Cleaner.

This app provides clearing for four different functions.。 “Clear Quick Fetch.”、”Clear search browsing history.” And “Clear the call newsletter history.” Function,Helps you clear the fast pickup generated by your phone app.、Search records.、Browse records and call and newsletter records.。These features increase the use of the phone's internal storage.,and can erase your personal privacy records.。If you've ever performed an action on something.,Set to be serviced by the specified app.,You can also pass through. “Clear the preset settings.” Function,Help you clear these preset settings.。
Single-key or timed automatically clears quick fetches.、Search records and phone records.,What's more, you no longer need ROOT on your phone.,You can have these features! If you have enough space on your phone to get annoyed.,You often want to manage the space your app occupies.,Or often want to erase personal privacy-related records.,This app is a must-install companion for you.。
★ more timed clear cycle options. – Professional version is only available.
★ a single key to clear the fast-fetched files generated by all applications.
★ to turn on the app.
★ list all preset open apps at once for you to clear the preset settings.
★ automatically clears the quick fetch at a timed time.、Search for records and call logs.,The automatic clean-up cycle can be set on its own.
★ to turn on the app installation window in Google Play.
★ when the fast pick takes up more space than you specify for the size.,you will be notified automatically.
★ according to the program name.、Take it quickly.、Information、Program or total size.,Follow the sequence out all the apps installed.
★ uninstall the app.
★ when your phone is out of space.,Automatically clears the space occupied by the quick pick-up gear.
★ open the application information window of the system.
★ search history and browsing history in the browser with a single click.


Update the log:

★ clear cache window.: Show the cleared cache size when done.
★ support the. “Turbo mode.” Option for Android. 9 devices. PRO version only.
★ fixed: failed to clear cache in some cases.
★ send me an email if you’d like to help the translation
★ bugs fixed and optimizations


Version description:(@balatan)

1、No need for LPs or Google Play Moded
2、All ad calls and services from the campaign have been deleted
3、Apply offline work.
4、Analysis disabled
5、Compatible with AOSP


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