Android Sleep Companion Sleep as Android v20200601 build 22020 Paid Unlock

Sleep as Android is a great sleep recording app.,Sleep partners support sleep cycle tracking and intelligent wakeup.、Sleep can also be monitored.,You can also view the history of sleep charts.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Smart alarm clock with sleep cycle tracking.。Wake you up at the right time.,Enjoy a refreshing morning.。

Featured features:
– Sleep cycle tracking and intelligent wake-up. (2 Free trial for the week.)
– Use a music playlist as a alarm.
– Google Fit, S Health.
– Lack of sleep.、Deep sleep and snoring statistics.
– No more sleep.,Use the "verification code" to confirm full wake-up. (Math problem.、Look for sheep.、Shake your phone.、Get up and brush a QR code or NFC tag.)
– Social network sharing.
– The volume is soft on the noise of nature. (The sound of birds.、The sound of the waves.、The sound of the storm.…)
– Supports the use of Pebble smartwatches to track sleep.
– Two-channel rhythm of nature's lullaby that helps you get to sleep quickly.
– Dream talk recording.,Snoring detection and anti-snoring.
– Sleep chart history.
More features to discover for you!


Update the log:

– Fix for long waiting times in noise playback in case of a slow SD card.
– Recording do not get tha iad fod llauby if lullaby nos a' tha iad a'
– Fixes in keeping order in default ordered playlists., indicator of next song and order in playlist screen.
– Optional vibrate once wearable connects in Settings. > Wearable.
– Fix for SleepPhaser short light blink when starting tracking.


Version description:

1、The Premium Pro feature has been unlocked.

2、Unlock support google fit.



Sleep Lullaby Add-on v2.6.

SleepCloud Add Backup-on v9.4.


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