Android Camera 360 Camera360 v9.6.1 Specially modified to go to the ad version

The Camera360 is a camera app on android.。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the camera 360 Camera360 special modifications to the ad version has been updated.v9.6.1.

Camera360 is a camera application with a large number of users in China.,The Camera360 comes with over 200 classic filters.、There are also a variety of fun dynamic stickers.,It also intelligently recognizes faces.,Help you with a button to fit your facial expression.。

Description of the app:

❤ many countries have been named Google Market's Best Apps ❤ 2016.
More than 500 million users worldwide are using it.,The "conscience app" that has been praised by netizens
Every day up and so on domestic multi-stage popular variety show recommendation.,Wang Han.、Zhang Liangying.、Song Xi.、Fan Bingbing couldn't stop when he used it.。
AKB48 is especially recommended.,Bulletproof youth league and many other Japanese and Korean stars to recommend!
7 countries in the long-term ranking of photography ranked first.,Leading the global mobile phone photography trend!

Let the world see me.
You'll unknowingly find that "Let the world see me" is a cool thing!
New features.、 Motion Stickers、Featured filters.,Make taking pictures even more fun!
Here you can also do a global net red! Featured videos.,Selected topics.,Recommended users.,are reserved for you.。
Take part in photo-taking challenges with 500 million users around the world.,Our journey is the sea of stars.,Our happiness will be passed on to the whole world!
You can share your joys and sorrows through the camera.,Your story.,Talk to the world through the camera.!

The feature s. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Quality Filter
Over 200 classic filters.,Get you promoted to the photographer,More Comic Sky、Visual portraits and other exclusive filters for you to play!
Reject mediocrity! Give your photos some magic.,Stunning friends circle of visual blockbusteroneone's one-click!
Motion Stickers
A variety of fun dynamic stickers.,Intelligently recognize faces.,Help you with a button to fit your facial expression.,Long press and hold the photo key to record short videos.,Take part in a photo challenge.,Share a circle of friends at the touch of a button.、Weibo,Hi with users around the world!
Super Photo Editing
Mosaic、Increased.、Aperture.、 Cutting.、Rotating、Light and shadow, such as more than 10 professional adjustment functions.,Easily get new skills.
Don't doubt your potential.,It doesn't matter if you don't know PS! Just move your finger.,Xiaobai can also become a master.。
"Beauty Selfie"
Say goodbye to the fake face of exaggerated grinding,Let your selfie appear naked and clean! Exclusive rudder filter,Let you have a good look for a second! There is also a key beauty.、Three-dimensional plastic face.、Touch-screen shooting.、Night selfie.,Let you shoot all the beautiful!


Update the log:

- Start-up speed may be 30% faster
- The camera opens the filter and the sticker menu should not be stuck.
- Smaller installation packages.,Download the data savings.,Installation saves space.
- Solved the problem of photo saving.


Version description:(@balatan)

1、All filter effects are unlocked.;
2、Disabled/removed unwanted permissions , receivers and services
3、Google Analytics / Crashlytics deactivated


Download the address: Extract code:m6nu.



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