HD Player Mirillis Splash v2.6.1 Chinese Free Edition

Mirillis Splash is an HD player on the windows platform.。The free version of Mirillis Splash Chinese, the HD player that Love Green Soft brings to everyone, has been updated.v2.6.1

SPLASH GOD BROADCAST HD VIDEO PLAYER.,It's the smoothest video player you've ever seen.。The video quality is unparalleled from the advanced processors of the software.。Optimize video conversions for social media platforms.。Innovative software and the user interface is fully customizable.。It's the Splash 2.0 Godshow video player.。

Description of the app:

SPLASH VOD HD Video Player Overview.
It's the smoothest video player you've ever seen.
The only video player you need.。The video quality is unparalleled from the advanced processors of the software.。Optimize video conversions for social media platforms.。Innovative software and the user interface is fully customizable.。It's the Splash Gods video player.。

1. Designed and optimized for HD quality!
Play and convert all HD movies and camera clips.,Fast、Runs smoothly and without any errors.。No additional decoder is required.。Download,Installation,Watch.,Conversion and sharing.。The application starts in seconds.,HD video playback!
2. Custom Style Conversion Video!
Enjoy the ultimate in performance and a novel user interface.。Select a software customization template.,You can quickly export video clips at the click of a button.,Supports mainstream formats.,Your favorite multimedia device.,Facebook or YouTube ™.。Select Splash Gods Video Player.,Save energy and time for video optimization and video hardware acceleration!
3. Picture - the quality of the video is amazing!
Advanced image post-processing engine.,Deliveramazing video quality.。Watch standard and HD videos you've never experienced before.,Smooth movement.,Micro-clarity.,The colors are realistic.。Download splash video player now.,Select the beta version to see feature details!
4. The user interface is extremely responsive.,The design is novel.
Splash God-play video player.,The interface design is compact and innovative.,The user experience is good.,It's too fast to be true! Smart Find and Advanced Find Mode enables you to find specific image scenes without interrupting video playback.。 Splash Gods video player provides the best user experience for video playback.。Enjoy multimedia in the right way.。
5. Select the Splash Gods theme to customize the user interface color.
By selecting the theme of Splash Gods.,You can change the splash godcolor user interface color according to your personal preference or for matching Windows desktop wallpaper or for the mood of the person at the time! Simply select the Splash Gods theme in the Splash Gods General Settings Simple Option.。
6. Splash Gods provides you with the best digital TV quality.
Enjoy a high-quality DVB-T TV.。User-friendly,The ultimate in video decoding performance.,Splash Isa navigation is simple.,Channel switching is fast.。High-quality and performance-saving image post-processing technology reproduces standard TV images.。
7. Supportfor all mainstream caption formats and easy navigation.
Splash Gods supports all mainstream subtitle formats.,Includes internal and external file formats.。Splash Gods subtitles load very simply.,The type of caption font.、Font size、Colors and positions can be adjusted quickly.。
8. Enjoy the ultimate in performance!
Adopt the latest hardware acceleration technology.,Save time and reduce resource consumption.。Splash Gods combines all the latest technology.,Includes NVIDIA ® NVENC., AMD applications and Intel ® Quick Sync video.,Hardware-accelerated video decoding.,Make the video output process faster!
9. Splash God - the best player for HD camera movies!
Splash Gods supports AVCHD ™ format.。Recreate HD quality and state-of-the-art Picture2 technology with Splash Gods video player! Motion2 technology lets you watch 20/24/25/30P movies with great fluidity.。
10. High-quality video scaling.
Transform video using advanced video pre-processing technology.。Splash God's Video Player high-quality zoom feature.,You can export from the original video to a lower or higher resolution.,Maintain high video high definition and stability.。This technology is optimized for multi-core CPUs.,to provide excellent performance.。
11. Mirillis codec.
Ultra-fast audio and video decoders designed for multicore processors and graphics hardware acceleration (GPUs).。Our optimized low-power technology.,Save you mobile computer battery life.,expenditure and environment.。You don't need any other codecs to play the best quality video!
12. Save power with splash god-play video player!
Green software! Splash God's Video Player's playback and video conversion performance.,You save power.,Save money.,Keep your video playback battery life longer.。Splash Gods video player sienwed the latest NVIDIA ®., AMD and Intel ® hardware-accelerated video decoding and encoding technologies.,Reduces the power consumption of your computer.。


Update the log:

Fixed XAVC video playback.


Version description:

Chinese free multi-language version.


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