Android Audiobook Player Smart AudioBook Player v6.6.4 Unlock Special Edition

Smart AudioBook Player is an audiobook player on Android。Smart AudioBook Player is designed to play audio books,It supports playback speed control、Books can be classified、You can also set a timed pause playback、and be able to save the progress of each book independently.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

The program is designed to play audio books。
Suppose you have audiobooks and they've copied to your phone。
Day 30 Full Edition。Later – Basic。
+Playspeed speed control。
+Book Classification (New Beginnings),Finished product) 。
+Download the cover from the Internet。
+Character list,stories that make it easier to follow。
+Auto-pause case,You're asleep.。To continue playing,Just shake your phone。
+History of Play。
+Widgets for the app 。Allows you to control the player from the home screen。
+Specify the root folder contains all audiobooks,You can exclude your folders,It contains music and other audio files。
+You don't have to finish a book,Start another。Progress of all books kept independently。
+No ads!


Update the log:

+ Fixed issue with stopping at the end of the file.
If you this had issue and now it it is fixed fixed
or if you what have this issue – please write to [email protected] left a comment.
Thank you!

+ Added settings to control how how will be auto-rewind a long long:
You can choose from small, Medium and Off.

+ Extended Rewind Small Settings to 2 minutes:
menu–Settings–Advanced–Rewind Small


Version description:

1、Full version unlocked

2、Optimize graphics and clean up resources


Download the address:



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