File List tool Filelist Creator v19.3.13 export files under Folders as a list

Filelist Creator是windows平台上一款可以把文件夹下的文件导出为列表的工具,Now love Green soft for everyone to bring the file List tool Filelist Creator has been updated tov19.3.13

Filelist Creator can scan all files under the specified folder,and export all file names to a list and save them as txt、XLS and other formats。


Application Instructions:

For a variety of occasions,Requires a list of files or directories:Perhabs requires an index of some files or folders on the CD,You want to send a list to a colleague,Or you want to publish a list on the Internet。

But,It takes time to create such a list。Manually listing all files and folders is cumbersome,Especially if it's about 100 or 1000 files。Certainly,Another way is to boot various computer commands at a command prompt,But few people know this or are happy with the output format they created。

The easiest way to do this is to use Filelist Creator,You can download Windows on this site,Mac OS X and Linux。With this program,,It's not much effort! Just drag the file from the folder to the program or open the folder directly,Your files are automatically listed。When you do this,You can choose to list only the files,List only directors or files and directories。

Certainly,Even though it's so simple,,You can use many optional settings。You can determine which form of column to use in the table,You can specify the appearance and manner of the design,You can adjust the output as needed:XLSX or ODS spreadsheet as Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice,As an HTML Web site,As an image,CSV file,Or, of course, plain text.。

In addition to regular file and folder properties, such as name,Format,Type,Size,Path,Path length,Folder level or number of files),It also includes specific properties of the audio file (for example,,Artist,Title,Album,Track number,Duration) or type),Video files, such as width,Height,Duration or FPS),Images, such as width,Height,Color depth or resolution) or text file (encoding,Bom,Line break type,Number of rows or characters) can be listed by selecting the appropriate options in the column list。Which formatting columns should be included in your file list can be determined by you。

Filellist Creator fully compatible with Unicode。This means that you can easily create a list of files that contain Unicode characters,And you can use Unicode in all settings,For example, the title of a column。Even if you save the list,All common Unicode formats and ANSI formats are also supported (see file formats)。

Ease of Use:To see their first final table.,It's enough to put some of the files in the folder in the program。You've saved a lot of time.。However,Of course you can go into any details and adjust the default settings individually to suit your needs。
Any file:Programs are not limited to files from a folder,You can add files from any folder to the list。Simply drag the file into the program,You can search in a folder or on the entire computer。Filtering provides the ability to search only for special files。
directories and/or files:You can not only use Filelist Creator to list files。You can also create lists using folders and directories。In the settings,You can adjust whether the file should only be,Folders or files and directories are added to the output list。
Access through the context menu:If necessary,You can display Filelist in the context menu of a file or folder or in the Send To menu Creator。Such,You can create a list of files directly from explorer,You can also add a new file or folder to the list of existing files。How to do this and more about this topic,You can read on the page shortcut。
Folder information:File list criteria can output information about folders,For example, folder size,Contains the number of files and/or folders (including or not containing files and folders in subfolders) or folder levels。
Audio files: Filelist Creator can list audio labels and information,such as artists,Album,Title,Schools,Tracks,Comments,Duration,Bit rate,Sampling Rate and MP3,OGG,Wma,Flac,APE,WV,SPX/channel SPEEX and OPUS files,Ability to create a list of music sets。
Video files:You can also list the width of the video file,Height,Aspect ratio and number of frames per second (FPS)。Currently supports AVI,MP4,FLV,M4V and MOV formats。
Image:Using FilelistCreator,You can list the widths,Height,Aspect ratio,Horizontal and vertical resolution,Image count (for example, icons),GIF or TIFF) and PNG,Jpg / Jpeg / Color depth/bit depth of JPE/JFIF,Bmp / DIP,Gif,Tiff,ICO,CUR,Psd,PDD,PBM,Pgm,Ppm,Pam,PFM and PNM Images。
Text files:Text file properties can be listed,such as encoding,BYTE order Markers,Line break type and row and character count。
Document: Pdf,DOCX,ODT,Number of pages in RTF and HTML documents,Authors and titles can also be displayed in the list。
File properties:You can also list file properties,For example, a file rating or information about whether a file is hidden or read-only。
Complete Unicode Support:The entire Filelist Creator is able to handle Unicode。This includes the file name,Folders and created lists and all other text options,For example, column headers or separators。
Direct HTML File Links:If you want to create an HTML file list,You can link files,So that files can be accessed directly from the file list。
Preview:After you change the settings,You can immediately see the impact of these changes on your table。This will save you time.,Because you don't need to observe changes after you save as a file。Certainly,You can disable the preview。If you want to write a large number of lists,Or your computer should be updated slowly and directly.,It's going to be a good idea.。
Monitoring folders: Filelist Creator can monitor any folder on your computer。This means that either the deletion,Change or add a file,Will update the changes in this folder in the file list。
Personal view:At work,,You can change the appearance of the main window at any time。So,Parts of the main window can be minimized,This makes it possible to use Filelist effectively and clearly even on small screens Creator。
Export in multiple formats:In addition to a simple list of text files,You can also export the list and save it as XLSX-Spreadsheet (for Microsoft Excel),ODS-Spreadsheet (Open Document Spreadsheet for OpenOffice),HTML-Table (website)),In data exchange format (DIF),CSV file or image (PNG,Gif,JPG or BMP)。This allows you to create tables directly in the format you want。Certainly,The preview feature also supports all of these formats。For example,In the HTML output,You can also view the table,Can be either source code,It can also be a built document.。
Export to Clipboard:If you want to work with the table in another application,You do not need to save the table as a file and open it again。Just Click (or CTRL + C,You can copy the current table to the Clipboard and paste it into any other application。
A single table:There are many settings for creating a single table:You can choose which columns to use,You can specify the title and format of this column,You can identify your own orders and adjust many other design specifications。But,You can also use the default settings。So,You can also create tables,Without calling these special settings。
Group:In addition to the option to write all the current files in a list,You can also group these files。This means that files are sorted by a specific rule,and publish it in each group。For example,Can be based on the format of the file,Date,Specific attributes,grouping files in the appropriate folders, etc.。The result is a list,Where each file is added to a separate table according to the rules。
Combination columns:Width of the image or video,Height and aspect ratio,And the playback time of a video or audio file can be combined in a column,You can also list it in a separate column,For image,Video or audio。
Save Configuration:Just click,You can save the current configuration (all settings) to load it again later。Other than that,You can save configurations that are automatically loaded at startup。So,If you always use the same options to create a list,You don't have to set them up repeatedly each time you start the software。Configuration file (*. fkg) can be directly associated with a program,So you can open Filelist with the appropriate settings by simply clicking one of the files Creator。
Configuration files:In addition to being saved to include all settings, including window size, outside the configuration,You can also save some settings as so-called configuration files,The profile stores only part of the settings。When loading,You can combine several of these configuration files (if they are not mutually exclusive),So that you can use the program more individually。
Auto Save exit:If you would like to,Filelist Creator can remember your last setup,So that you can continue to use the tool the next time you start it。You can choose whether to save all settings,Or just keep some settings or exit when not set。
Advanced Output Settings:For issues with saving lists,You have several options available。If you want to save the list as a picture,You can determine the font and all colors here。If you want to save the list of files as a text file or an HTML document,You can use a variety of formats,such as Unicode UTF-7,UTF-8 or UTF-32 (see file format) or normal ANSI text。
Calibration and: Filelist Creator Displays the MD5 of the file,CRC32,SHA1,SHA256 and SHA512 Checksum。If necessary,Checksums can also be included in the list of files。
Windows,Mac OS X and Linux:Adopt the system of your choice。Filelist Creator for Windows and Mac OS X and Linux。
No bad investment.:You can download this software for free (free software),But it works absolutely unlimited within the full range of performance。In addition,You can deliver software at any time as needed。If you want to pay some fees,You only pay for the software,Even then you can pay for it as you wish.。
System compatibility:The system you are using does not matter。FilelistCreator is available for Windows,Versions of Linux and MacOS。
No installation (Portable software):The program can run without installation。This makes your registry unusable,You can use it immediately。However,You can register a file name extension for a profile (*. fkg),Open configuration with just a click of the mouse。Certainly,This registration does not require the operation of the program,And can be undone at any time through the software。


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