Repeat File Cleanup Finder AllDup v4.3.2 Green Portable

AllDup is a repeat file cleanup finder on the windows platform.。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the duplicate file cleanup finder AllDup green portable version has been updated.v4.3.2.

AllDup is a free software.,AllDup detects and removes duplicate files on your computer.。AllDup has an extremely fast query algorithm that allows AllDup to quickly search for all duplicate files.,Include text.、Image、Music or video.。A powerful search engine enables you to find duplicates through a combination of the following criteria.:Filename,The file extension.,File size.,The contents of the file.,The date of the file.,File properties.,Hard links and similar pictures.

Description of the app:

Create a shortcut or hard link to the last original file.
Look for similar files.
The built-in file viewer allows you to preview many different file formats and analyze the contents of files before deciding what to do with them.
Search for hard links.
Lists distinct files.
Save and restore search results to continue working later.
Search for an unlimited number of files and folders.
Many flexible options help you automatically select unnecessary duplicates.
Search for more than one specified folder.,Drive.,Media memory.,Cd. / Performed on the DVD.……
Ignore the ID3 tag of the MP3 file.
For your safety.,All files that must be deleted can be moved to the trash or a separate backup folder.
Ignore the EXIF data for jPEG files.
Quick search algorithm.
You can exclude an entire folder or a single file from your search through a mask or size condition.
Search for similar images.
Ignore the metadata for flac files.
Find the duplicate picture.
Find duplicates by combining the following criteria.:The contents of the file.,Filename,The file extension.,File date and file properties!
Search for a copy of the digital photo file.
Export search results as TXT or CSV files.
Search for a copy of the executable and any other file.
Search for a copy of the music and video files.
A convenient list of search results.
Detailed log files for all operations.
Unnecessary duplicates can be permanently deleted.,You can also copy/move it to a folder of your choice.
Search for files with similar names.
What AllDup can do for you.:
Find and delete any type of duplicate file!
Delete duplicate files. – As you wish!
Find duplicate photos.
Delete duplicate music files!
Compared to any other duplicate file finder.,It is faster to delete duplicate files.,Safer!
Look for files with similar names.
AllDup can help you find it.,View and delete files with duplicate content.,No matter the name!
Look for a similar file name.
Find duplicate MP3 files with different ID3 tags!
Find and hard link duplicate files!
AllDup is a powerful tool.,You can search for duplicates of files on your computer!
Find and remove hard links.
Find and delete the computer.,Laptops.,The network drive.,Flash drives,Duplicate files in memory drives!
Find the duplicate picture.
Find out if the file has a hard link!
Find and delete duplicate files!
Find.,Delete,Delete,Copy and move duplicate files!
Free up hard drive space used on your PC!
Clear your computer from a duplicate file.,Music or photo collection!
If you have large music.,Image,Download or document folder.,It will be particularly useful!
Find and delete duplicate files!
Delete duplicate files. – 轻松随处!


Update the log:

NEW: File Manager. / Options: Added the option ‘Show log after the selected action is completed’.
UPD: Search Result / Toolbar ‘Search’: A new icon inside the search box was added to indicate that the search was successfully or nothing was found.
UPD: The french translation of the user interface has been updated.
UPD: The ukrainian translation of the user interface has been updated.
FIX: Various optimizations have been introduced in various sections of AllDup. Various bugs have been fixed.


Version description:

Green Portable Edition


Download the address:



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