SSH Terminal/SFTP XShell/XFtp v6.0.0149/0143 Green Special Edition

XShell/XFtp is a maintenance tool on the windows platform.。Now love green soft for everyone to bring SSH terminal / SFTP XShell/ XFtp green special edition has been updated.v6.0.0149/0143.

Xshell is a powerful security terminal simulation software.,It supports SSH1., SSH2., and the TELNET protocol for the Microsoft Windows platform.。Xshell's secure connection to remote hosts via the Internet and its innovative design and features help users enjoy their work in complex network environments.。Xshell can be used under the Windows interface to access servers under different systems at the far end.,Thus better to achieve the purpose of remote control terminal.。Xshell can also be used as a command console program (CMD) under Windows systems。

Description of the app:

The most powerful SSH client in the industry.
Unparalleled performance.
Superior session management.
Use xshell's session manager.,You can easily create from the main window at the same time.、Edit and start multiple sessions.。Define multiple session properties to determine the behavior of each session.。
Tabbed interface.
Make the most of the space on your display.。Use the Tab Interface of Xshell.,You can schedule multiple sessions to be viewed and monitored at the same time.。Rearrangement is as easy as drag-and-drop.。
Deep customization.
Customize xshell to match your workflow.。Set up key maps and quick commands to optimize efficiency.。Dock specific UI elements for easy access.。Define the launch session and layout.。Create the perfect user experience.,Let Xshell work for you.!
Compose and send.
Before you use the composition pane to send it to the terminal.,Please draft a multi-line string.,Or use it to securely paste and view clipboard content.。Choose whether to send the composition pane content to a single session at once.、Multiple sessions or all sessions.。
Emphasize the set.
By using the highlight settings of the Xshell.,Never miss anything important.。Defines the keywords and regular expressions to highlight when the terminal is in/out.。Set based on your needs.,Apply a different set of highlights to each session.
Extensive security.
Take advantage of the latest end-to-end encryption algorithms and several authentication methods.,Includes GSSAPI and PKCS s11.。Set the master password.,to provide additional security for session passwords.,and easily share session files between devices.。


Update the log:

Xshell. 6 Build 0149, Aug. 13, 2019
FIX: Crash when the user data data to Google Drive.
FIX: The one. “Restore the last used tab group layout.” option not functioning as a da.
Xshell. 6 Build 0147, Aug. 06, 2019
FIX: Wn auth tha an Xagent is sydd.
Xshell. 6 Build 0146, Jul. 31, 2019
ADD.: Ability to change activation server (local server support)
ADD.: Can edit certain session file attributes from the Session Manager.
ADD.: Command designated for separating a tab to a new window. (Can be registered as a shortcut key)
ADD.: Scp command added (Experimental Feature)
ADD.: Shell-less Multi-hop login feature(More…)
FIX: A possibility of arbitrary command execution via the search engine settings
FIX: Crash when using terminal-based authentication.
FIX: Forced key authentication attempts when Xagent is on
FIX: Issues with Live Updates on Japanese OSes.
FIX: Output characters broken when inputting incorrect commands on a Japanese OS’s Local Shell.
FIX: Terminal size unable to exceed 512


Version description:(@roustar31)

Made based on the official version,集成 UERT KeyGen 1.4
删除帮助文件和多余语言,只留简体 / Chinese Traditional
Block update detection and crash record collection files.
Delete the authorized service that is running in the official background.
Resolve the errors that have been made after the authorization service has been deleted.
The authorization module has been blocked.,Start the do not check the authorization service.
Unzip is the use.,Run Green can be registered as an unlimited version for the enterprise.
Includes xftp modules.,Download your own selection.

Update xshell 5 series.,Resolve the limit stousues that run prompts to use the new version.


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