Hard Sentinel Hard Disk Sentinel v5.60 Green Portable

Hard Disk Sentinel is a hard disk information query tool on windows platform。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the hard drive Sentinel Hard Disk Sentinel green portable version has been updated to v5.60

Hard Disk Sentinel commonly known as hard drive sentinel,Hard Drive Sentinel is a hard drive/SSD monitoring and analysis tool。Hard Disk Sentinel monitors hard drive/hard drive status,Including health,Temperature and all SMART (self-monitoring on the day),Analysis and reporting techniques,Value son son-in-drive and most solid state disks) for each disk。Simultaneous disk measures for real-time transmission,Can be used as a benchmark,or find a possible hard drive failure,The speed of performance degradation。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Hard Drive Sentinel
Hard Disk Sentinel is a multi-operating system SSD and HDD monitoring and analysis software。The goal is to find,Test,Diagnose and fix hard drive issues,Report and display SSD and HDD health,Performance degradation and failure。Hard Drive Sentinel provides complete text description,Prompt sand and display/report on the computer's internal and external chassis (USB hard drive) / The most comprehensive information on hard drives and solid state disks in e-SATD)。Many different alert and reporting options are available,To ensure maximum security for your valuable data。

No need to use a separate tool to verify the internal hard drive,External hard drive,Ssds,Hybrid Disk Drive (SSHD),Disk and Network Additional Storage (NAS) Drives in RAID Arrays,Because these are all included in a single piece of software。In addition,,Hard Disk Sentinel Pro also detects and displays status and SMART information about LTO tape drives and corresponding industrial (micro) SD cards。

Hard Drive Sentinel Monitors Hard Drive/HDD Status,The health of all hard drives,Temperature and all SMART (self-monitoring),analysis and reporting techniques) values。It also measures disk transfer speed in real time,Can be used as a benchmark or to detect a possible hard drive failure,Performance degradation。

Prove priceless on our backup servers

Pan Pacific Products' Success Story (PDF)。

HDSentinel is the perfect data protection solution:It can be used effectively to prevent HDD failures and SSDs / HDD data loss,Because it has the most sensitive disk health rating system for disk issues。This way even small hard drive problems are not to be missed。Professional version has scheduled and automatic (issued) disk backup options,To prevent data loss due to failure,However, it can also be caused by malware or accidental removal。

How does Hard Disk Sentinel work?
Hard Disk Sentinel runs in the background,And verify sSD by checking the smart state of the disk / HDD Health。If an error is found or unexpected behavior is detected,It warns the user about the current situation,And you can also perform appropriate actions (e.g.,Start automatic backup)。

Usually,Hard drive health may decline slowly day by day。SMART monitoring technology can predict hard drive failureby by checking the key values of the disk drive。Compared to other software,Hard Disk Sentinel detects and reports every disk issue。It is more sensitive to disk failures,Better and more detailed information can be displayed about hard drive life expectancy and problems found, if any。Compared to the "traditional" approach,This is a more complex method of predicting failures:Check only SMART property thresholds and values。For more information,Read how hard drive SMART works and how Hard Disk Sentinel differs。

The software displays the current hard drive temperature and records the highest and average hard drive temperature。This can be used to check the maximum temperature under high hard drive load。The importance of the operating temperature of the hard drive,See THE FAQ。See Hard Disk Sentinel Professional's list of features or our hard drive monitoring products。

Do I need Hard Disk Sentinel?
If you're using a computer with at least one hard drive or SSD,And you want to make sure your data is always available,The answer is yes。The hard drive Sentinel is designed specifically for you

You use multiple hard drives/SSD/hybrid drives (SSHD) (IDE/Serial ATA (S-ATA) in your computer,e-SATA)/NVMe / Scsi / Sas / USB hard drive) or external chassis (check the hardware compatibility page for the list of compatible hardware)
You are using a mobile/removable rack or chassis with a built-in hard drive
You're using a laptop
You are using a server or desktop computer with a high disk load
You want to maximize system stability,Hard drive performance and overall integrity,Receive hard drive alerts at high temperatures or in low health
You don't want to lose sensitive and valuable data,Don't want to pay for hard drive recovery
It's much better to avoid hard drive failure than to recover with a hard drive。Alert with HDSentinel and prevent HDD data loss! Make your hard drive a healthy life。


Update the log:

– Added support of Lenovo 730 Series RAID controller: detect hard disk drive status used in RAID configuration
– fixed bug in HTML report at logical disk free space graph
– added support of HIKVISION SSDs
– improved support of SK Hynix SC308/SC311 SSDs
– added support of Kingston RBUS… series SSDs, new Kingspec SSDs
– improved health display for SCSI-NVMe translation
– added support of WDC PC SA530 SDATB8Y1T00
– improved performance display for eMMC when health drops to 0%
– improved compatibility with Intel VROC NVMe RAID
– improved compatibility with DELLBOSS SSD
– improved support of LSI/DELL SAS/SATA controllers on high number of disks and Cachecade configuration
– improved detection and compatibility with AMD RAID integrated controller
– improved compatibility with IcyBox RD3620SU3


Version description:

Green portability


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