Android Tower Triglav v1.2.222 Special Edition

Magic Triglav is an RPG game on Android。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the Android Tower Triglav special edition has been updated to v1.2.222

Triglav is an RPG-like magic tower game developed by Smokymonkey S Studios。The magic tower contains at least 50 Floors,In order to reach the top of the tower where the princess was captured,, You need to find the key to open the door to the next level.,Solve puzzles,Defeat all kinds of creatures。In this unique world of rich and detailed pixel art,, There are more than 2500 To create your unique character with gear props。

Description of the app:

Triglav is based on 2002 Smartphone version of RPG web game released in 2000。There are already more than 500,000 A player has played。Rich audio and visuals。Like filling in sound effects and music that were not available in the original version.。

Magic Tower Triglav Features
Players can only complete one floor at a time. Find the key to the door that opens the stairs to the next floor。
After downloading the game,You don't need to be connected to the Internet to play, In addition to some features that need to be restricted online。
-Through simple click and drag actions,You can play smoothly.。
-In addition to the magic tower on 50 floors, You can explore other diverse worlds.,Includes dungeon and outer area of the magic tower。
A variety of illustrations and symbols will guide you through stories and tasks without relying on text。
You're free to change your character style., For example,You can convert the same character into a "defensive" type as hard as a copper-walled iron wall., Focus on "belt-running" with maximum damage or "special attack" with special skills to attack enemies。
- By combining different weapons,Armor,Accessories and other equipment to create a varied character style。

3 Big career
You can choose from the following 3 Master Jobs
The Master of The Dagger: Able to equip two daggers at the same time,Excellent agility。
Ax Master: Can be equipped with a two-handed axe. Defeat the enemy with a powerful blow.。
-Sword Master: Able to equip a sword. Shield. A career that strikes a balance。

Puppet System
When you're defeated by the enemy,, Puppets will die for you.。If you're not carrying any puppets,, Your character will die permanently and will never be restored.。
Puppets can also be used as gain props., In a limited time,Enhance the properties of the character and return to life。

Share a warehouse
You can store items in a shared warehouse., Enable all roles on the same device to share the use。


Update the log:

- New features:Item Passive Skills is now available。 Still testing,There will be more。
- Added Chinese flooring,Biological and item names。
- Increase the storage space for items to a maximum of 300。
- Project lock function can now prevent the sale or deletion of the project。
- The difficulty of the Doppelganger and Slime event cards will vary depending on the floor you arrive at。
- Vitality regen removed from Scarab Queen。


Version description:

Buy anything unconditionally!

Although the game comes with its own Chinese,But it's recommended that at the beginning of the game,,Choose from the game optionsChinese Traditional。Chinese translation sucks.。


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